Bamboo and Rattan/Rattan/Course-1 Unit-6

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Vegetative propagation methods and tissue culture

6.1 Propagation by suckers

Propagation by suckers for clustering rattans may be resorted to when seeds
are of limited supply. Suckers can be separated from the clump and used as
planting material. The suckers so removed should have some roots intact, and
should be potted immediately in a suitable soil mixture. The sucker seedling
could be transplanted to the field after a period of stabilization in the
nursery. Rooting response can be enhanced by treatment with growth
regulators such as NAA. Dipping the basal portion of the suckers in NAA 2000
ppm was found to be successful

6.2 Tissue culture methods (I feel that this part should be handled by Dr. E.M. Muraleedharan,KFRI)