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My Messy Room

I want to tell you about my room, when it's at it's worse state. Usually my room is very clean and neat because of my always-be-clean

habits. I love order, and I like everything in my room to be in his

place. Unfortunately, sometimes I can't keep my room clean because I'm

merely human. I'm not like the other teenagers who throw things on the

floor, I try to never do it because I dislike it.

The last time my room was extremely messy was horrible : I had a lot of

dust everywhere, on the table, piano, floor, television and even the

computer. My clothes were in a mess all over my bed along with my

books. I was afraid to sleep in my bed because it was so full of dust

that I thought I would become allergic to it. Chunks of food were on

the floor and even used socks were thrown on the floor. It was

horrible, because I'm not used to this kind of chaos. I immediately

started picking up all the clothes and books and putting them back in

order, started cleaning the dust and floor.

It was one time that my room was such a mess but I hope it will be the

last time, because I prefer when my room is clean, because when your

room is clean it becomes a better, pleasent place to be in, a better

place for you and for your living space.

Project's sammary

My personal project will be about divine creatures called Angles. My research question is: Are angels real or fictional? This subject has fascinated me since I was young. The main reason that drew me to this subject was my curiosity and my strong intuition that knew that there had to to be more and beyond what we see. So, who are those fascinating creatures? According to my personal knowledge, from the ancient times, angels were a mystery to people of various cultures. They have been described in many forms: Messengers, heroes, guardians and even rebels against god. After surfing the Internet in order to find information about angels. The first information I found about the existing angels was that in the Jewish tradition. In the Hebrew Bible, angels often appear to people in the shape of humans of extraordinary beauty, and often are not immediately recognized as angels. Angels don't try to manage your life, they just do what they're sent to do by god. You don't go looking for them, they will always come in their timing- God's good timing. The details I have found fascinated me and I got more and more information about angels.


1. If my family had stayed in Russia, I would have a better Russian.

2. If I had a dog as pet, from a very young age, I would have not fear from dogs as I did when I was little.

3. If I had a chance, I would have convince my parents to send me to a karate lessons.

4. If I had a little sister, I would have learn how to be more responsiable.

5. If I hadn't computer, I would have read more books or watching TV.

6. If I had met my grand-grandma, I would have known her better.

7. If I had

High Holidays

Rosh Ha'Shana

Rosh Ha'Shana (In english:"The head of the year") is a jewish holiday which celebrates the begining of the new jewish year. It's usally celebrated in Sephtember, but in the hebrew calendar, in the month of "Tishrei". In this holiday, people send to each other greeting cards for the new year in the mail or greeting each other in the phone. In jerusalem, next to the westren wall, a rabbi blows in shofar which is made of a ram's horn. In the evening of the rosh ha'shana, the family gathers around the table and having an holiday dinner. The dinner includes: Head of a fish- That we will always be in the top and not in the buttom. Apples with honey- For a sweet and good year. Pomegranate- For a full and a wealthy year. The rosh ha'shana is a symbloe for a new begining, and new break throughs between people.


Yom Kippur (In english:"Day of atonement") is an important day in the jewish calendar. This day is dedicated for self examination, asking for forgivness, avoiding from work and any leisure activity. The orthodoxs usually takes a chicken and spin her around the head for atonement and then kill her but it's an old custom, today it's done with money. People are not allowed to take a shower, to eat or drink, and they have to ask for forgivness from any person they hurt.


Sukkoth (In English:” booths”) is a Jewish holiday which comes after Kippur and he is one of the three pilgrimage festivals (with Passover and Shavuot). This holiday is characterized by his unique custom of building Sukkoth – Some kind of a tree house that symbols the houses which the people of Israel were living in while they were traveling 40 years to Canaan. The Sukkoth are made of two walls which are covered with sheets or another material and roof made of palm frond (“Lulav”) which is one of the fourth varieties. The varieties are : palm frond (“Lulav”), citron (“etrog”), myrtle (“Hadas”) and willow (“Arava”).