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Using Technology

Since ancient times, the concept of “Technology” has existed in many forms. Technology is a way humans use different tools. The word “technology” comes from the words:” Techno” (In Greek:” Craft”) and “Logy” (In Greek:” Saying”). Today, in the 21st century, technology is being used in many ways, for example:

Biotechnology: This is technology that is being used by biology of nature. The human race takes advantage of the organism in nature and uses it for its personal needs. For example, we can take yeast and make some beer out of it or take milk from a cow and make cheese. Mostly, it goes to food or medications.

Assisstive technology: This technology is used to help people with disabilities like a deaf person or a blind person. For example, the glasses are one of the terms for this technology for people who can’t see well. Also there is a wheel chair for those who can’t walk.

Nanotechnology ( Nanotech): This technology is used for control of very little things, that is mostly measured by nanometers. The range which nanotech belongs to varies: physics, chemistry, polymer chemistry and more.

In conclusion, technology is very helpful in our day and age, if only to promote the human race into a new age.

Excellent organization and ideas, Anna. -- Nellie Deutsch

The oral Bagrut- How to prepare to it?

The oral bagrut exam demand from us to be focused. There's a couple of ways to get a 100 in the oral exam: You need to be awake and to sleep well in the night before. If you want to healthy then it a healthy meal befor the exam. Speak, as much as you can, in english with your friends and family. In order to improve you english, record yourself speaking. Remember the jubject of your project in points, it will be a lot easy to memorize it. Be nice and kind to the tester, keep on smiling and making a good atmosphere.

Driving test and English bagrut exam

The are some differences between doing a driving test and between doing an English bagrut. One them for example, is that the English exam is mental and the driving tests is practical. In the driving test you need to do everything that the tester tells you to do and in the English exam, you also need to do what is being writing, but you also need to use your intelligence. Moreover, In the English exam you don't have to be aware of everything like in driving test. Furthermore, in the driving test you need to know rules and road/traffic signs and in English exam, you don't. The are also some similarities between and driving test and English exam. You need to be in both, focused. You have to be calm and optimistic in order to pass/get a good grade. I need to have self confidence and self discipline in order to be confident and organized. In conclusion, the two tests below are very stressful, each in every way, but logically, they are pretty the same.

Who I am in the family and how I feel about it

In my family, we are 4 people: My father and mother, my big brother (22 years old) and me (18 years old). I'm the youngest member of the family. I always look at my parents and my brother as unsuccessful people: My father is a doctor, my mother is an economist and my brother always had excellent grades in high school (Right now, he's a soldier). As the little one, I get all the attention and the love, but sometimes it's annoying because my parents feel that they need to protect me all the time. My brother always tells me where I'm wrong because he wants to teach me how to be a better person. Sometimes I feel that my opinions don't count because I'm the least experienced in the family. I feel that my parents sometimes take control on my life when I want to be independent. I know that this place in the family affects my personality. I tend to take simple things as hard things and when I was young, I had social anxiety. Right now, I'm trying to find my real goals in life and I hope that my parents will realize one day that I'm not a little girl anymore. --Nellie Deutsch 15:39, 22 January 2009 (UTC) thank you for sharing.

3 wishes

The purpose of this eassay is to introduce my 3 wishes, when I get the cahnce to wish them. First of all I want world peace. I wish that diffrent countries will respect each other and will learn to accept each other. It will be great if the diffrent presidents, prime-ministers, royal kings and leaders from diffrent countries around the world, will learn to solve any problem between them without strating a war. This new situation will bring happiness, calm and peace to the people around the world. It will make our sociaty nicer and less hypocritae. When the wars will end on our planet, the human race will see a new and optimistic future.

My second wish will be: respect and tolerance between people in our sociaty. Today we see a lot of situations where people hurt each other on purpose because of prejudice and racism. If people are nicer to each other, the world will be a calmer place. People don't even undertstand the power of words, how one word can hurt one person so much and to even make him traumatazied. It's important to think before we speak. We need to learn to respect each othere's opinions and thoughts even when we don't agree with it. In conclusion, tolerance is an important value to a careful society.

My third and final wish, is to be happy. I believe that poeple were born just to be happy with their lives and themselves. O want to know what is happiness because there is so much in this world, but yet I fell so empty. I want to be happy, which means feeling the love, the self-love and the love to the other and the will to make them happy. I just want to smile, all the time, to feel complete with myself, even with my negative sides, just to feel the purpose in life- Happiness.