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Applying for a Visa

Anna Yampolsky

Irus Ha’Argaman 4 Street


U.S Embassy

Yarkon 71 Street



The topic of discussion: Application for visa

My name is Anna Yampolsky and I would like to apply for a visa to U.S. I am a law student I got a job in California. I would like to live and study there for a couple of years until I will get my first academic degree. This can be a changing point in my life as a working person if you grant me a visa. I am willing to do everything I have to do to get A visa. I would like to come to the U.S Embassy and to fill in all the fOrms that are required. I assure you that my reasons for applying for the visa are rational and for a good cause. I know that many people that are not worthy of a visa, get it and now you take extra security for every person, but I can assure you that I am a reasonable and a responsible person and only want to get the best education.

Please consider my request,

Yours Truly,

Yampolsky Anna

Nicely written, Anna. --Nellie