Adult User Education/Module 5 Objectives and Readings

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Demonstrate and awareness of the different considerations surrounding diversity within the instructional environment and demonstrate an awareness of current instructional technologies available:

  • Read and discuss textbook chapters and assigned articles covering diversity and instructional technologies.
  • Continue working on adult education instruction program plan for a specific library setting, while considering ways to integrate both attention to diversity and instructional technologies into program planning.

Reflect on the readings, discussions, and activity and share new ideas and knowledge acquired.

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Read in text – Chapter 10: Diversity & Chapter 11: Instructional Technologies


  • Dixen, Rebecca and Stephanie Thorson. "How Librarians Serve People in Prison." Computers in Libraries 21, no.9 (October 2001): 48-53, (Academic Search Complete) - Finally an excellent article about special library work! The information literacy services in this article are provided by a law library service.
  • Hutchinson, Nancy G. "Beyond ADA Compliance: Redefining Accessibility." American Libraries 32, no. 6 (June/July 2001): 76-78, (Academic Search Complete) - Discussion of how one public library remade itself to be accessible to all patrons.
  • Degyansky, Kathy. "The Disconnected." Library Journal 133, no. 12 (7/1/2008): 30-33, (Academic Search Complete) - This article describes a section of our population that in age are younger adults, but who are having to take on adult responsibilities without the education that could make them more successful.

Instructional Technologies

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