Adult User Education/Module 5 Discussion Questions

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  1. Here are a few questions to get us started discussing diversity:
    • What kind of opportunities might you have to create instruction sessions that are culturally relevant to your adult users? Consider your library's users, or the possibly users you might have in a future library position.
    • What areas of your own ethnic, cultural, and/or linguistic background guide your perceptions? How can you transfer this information into your creation of learning activities and instructional sessions for your users?
    • What organizations could you partner with to help support diversity?
    • Cultural proficient instruction is described in our textbook on page 197. How do you think that the five elements of cultural proficiency might help you as you instruct the adult user?
  2. When we talk about using instructional technology, we are actually talking about a range of ideas that surround the technology - the tool, planning and purpose, design, and assessment. Consider these questions:
    • What different technologies have you used? Which do you feel that you are proficient in? How do you think your feelings about these technologies might influence your instruction of adult users?
    • How does the ADDIE design process compare to how you normally design your instructional sessions? What do you see that would be different in the planning stage for instruction when you are considering utilizing technology?
    • Which of the technologies discussed seem the most useful for your instruction purposes? Why? How would assessment of your instruction change if you incorporated technology into your instruction?
    • Do you consider yourself a "blended" librarian? What does this term mean to you?

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Journal Reflection

Respond to the following in 300 to 400 words:

  • What aspects of program planning have been the most challenging?
  • What kinds of ideas do you have for addressing diversity within your program plan?
  • What ideas do you have for utilizing different instructional technologies?
  • What are you having a hard time with?
  • Do you have tips or ideas that you can share with others?

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