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Tutorial.png Whole numbers 

Introduction | Place value | Rounding | Long addition & subtraction | Long Multiplication | Long division | Expressing operations | Word problems | Order of operations | "Set-up" problems | Cost and distance problems | Introduction to algebra | Powers of 10 | Estimation | Not enough info | Homework

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Welcome to this Math tutorial!

Maths by Candlelight, Image courtesy of automatthias from Flickr
Are you "good" at Math? Many people think that Math is a tough subject; or they think that they are just too "stupid" to understand it. However, if you can use a language - any language(s) - then you already have the capacity for handling this subject

There is nothing terribly difficult about Math. It is the kind of subject that you have to learn step-by-step: if you take the time to learn the basics thoroughly, you will find that the more complicated parts are not nearly so difficult.

These tutorials are designed to take you step-by-step through the basics of Math.

We hope that you will find them useful in helping you to build on your Math foundations. Take your time working through these tutorials, follow the instructions carefully and you will make progress. Good luck with your learning!

These Math tutorials cover basic arithmetic, fractions, decimals, percents, basic algebra and geometry.