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Chemistry Staff:

  • Mrs Land (Lnj)
  • Mr Hall (Hlg)
  • Mrs Conyers (Cnn)
  • Mrs Bissland (Bsa)

End of topic tests

Tests will be given at the end of each topic. All students will complete the same end of topic test for each Achievement standard. Marked papers will be reviewed with the teacher but the papers will be held by the Chemistry department until the end of the year.

Department NCEA policy

The department will follow the Papanui High School NCEA policy. A copy of this is in your school diary or ask your Chemistry teacher for a copy.

Internal Assessments

All dates for Internal Assessments are in your course booklet. You will be advised if the dates are changed from this. Please ensure that these dates are checked and written in your calendar. If you are unable to attend on any of these dates you need to let your Chemistry teacher know as soon as possible. If you are unable to attend because of ill health a medical certificate is required.

Once a Summative assessment has been completed, the marked papers will be reviewed with your teacher, but the papers will be held by the Chemistry department and will not be returned to students. Students will be required to sign an Assessment sheet to confirm that they agree with the assigned grades.

Students may appeal the grade they have been given if they do not agree with it. they should refer to the Papanui High School 'Procedures for implementing NCEA' for more information and they should discuss this with their teacher and / or the teacher in charge of Chemistry.

Re-sit/Re-submit opportunities

Students will be offered a re-submit opportunity as long as the assessment task was handed in by the due date. Re-submits are at the teachers discretion and are not a student right.

Re-sit opportunities for internal standards will be offered to all Year 12 students at the same time. A compulsory revision session will need to be completed before a re-sit can be attempted. Re-sits will occur at lunchtime of after school.

If a re-sit is required a letter will be sent home with the details and requirements of the student to complete the re-sit.

External Achievement Standards

The External Achievement Standards will be completed in November 2010. You will have three hours to complete three external Achievement Standards.

The school examinations in Week nine of Term 3, will include all three external Achievement Standards and will provide you with an indication of how you are performing in Chemistry.

These school examinations, plus other assessment activities during the year will be used as evidence in case you are unable to sit the November NCEA exams for whatever reason.