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Welcome to Year 12 Chemistry at Papanui High School.

This course has been designed to follow Level Seven of the New Zealand Curriculum released in 2007.

The learning area that this course is explicit to is that of Science and the two strands of the science curriculum that are specific to Chemistry are the Nature of Science and The Material World.

Nature of science

Students will:

Understanding about science

  • Understand that scientists have an obligation to connect their new ideas to current and historical scientific knowledge and to present their findings for peer review and debate.

Investigating in science

  • Develop and carry out investigations that extend their science knowledge, including developing their understanding of the relationship between investigations and scientific theories and models.

Communicating in science

  • Use accepted science knowledge, vocabulary, symbols, and conventions when evaluating accounts of the natural world and consider the wider implications of the methods of communication and/or representation employed.

Participating and contributing

  • Use relevant information to develop a coherent understanding of socio-scientific issues that concern them, to identify possible responses at both personal and societal levels.

Material world

Students will:

Properties and changes of matter

  • Investigate and measure the chemical and physical properties of a range of groups of substances, for example, acids and bases, oxidants and reductants, and selected organic and inorganic compounds.

The structure of matter

  • Relate properties of matter to structure and bonding.
  • Develop an understanding of and use the fundamental concepts of chemistry (for example, equilibrium and thermochemical principles) to interpret observations.

Chemistry and society

  • Apply knowledge of chemistry to explain aspects of the natural world and how chemistry is used in society to meet needs, resolve issues, and develop new technologies.