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2012 summer

Millennium Development Goals (MDG) - Summer 2012 public web page

Optional textbook - purchase the print version (new or used) or pay for 180-day access the online eTextbook version - A Gift of Fire: Social, Legal and Ethical Issues for Computers and the Internet - Third Edition by Sara Baase * print: De Anza College Bookstore Phone: 408-864-8907 or 864-8949 * or eTextbook: A Gift of Fire, Baase - available as a 180 day subscription to an online version. The information is the same in both formats.

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Assignment from previous classes

  1. Brain Color groups - In this activity, you are practicing collaborative writing using a wiki. In WikiEducator - Brain Color Groups, work as a group with others with the same Brain Color as you (from Module 1). Identify 3 characteristics that you share with others with the same brain color as you. Everyone should list three of their own. Then as a group, narrow that down to just three. Show all your work on the wiki page for your Brain color. Don't use any other communications - just edits to your Brain Color wiki page.

  1. Reflection - What have you learned about Privacy issues as they apply to Computers and the Internet in Society from the notes, readings and assignments? Are you more aware of computers around you? Are computers affecting society? This should be one or two paragraphs. Suggest 1-2 questions that you would add to the study notes questions. Submit your reply in the I Think... 2 assignment.

removed for CIS2 12M

  • X. Movie Review Forum
  • X. Lectures and podcasts Forum - Some students like to listen and watch as well as read. Suggest lectures and podcasts to include in the course. Post a link to the media, the topic and a brief note outlining how the lecture or podcast adds to the course.
  • X. Changes since the text was written Forum - As you read through the book and find information that has changed, post a notice here. Please quote the original text, include the page number and provide a description of the change and the current situation.
  • X. Glossary Terms, Definitions, Other Forum - Post a word or term relating to computers and society, and a definition. This should be something that is not "common knowledge" and will be of interest to others in the class.
  • X. Engineering is... Forum - There are many different kinds of Engineering projects and jobs. Link to a site that provides interesting information about Engineering and describe why you selected this site.
  • X. Mobile learning Forum - Mobile learning (m-learning) thoughts, comments and links. There is a lot of interest and many concerns about cell phones and if they have a positive role to play in education. Links and comments on articles about Mobile Learning are always welcome. Do you have suggestions for how m-learning can make a difference? What concerns would you have about optional Mobile learning activities - lessons, lectures, assignments, quizzes? Did I miss anything?
  • X. Scenario-based learning Forum - Suggestions for improving the scenario-based learning experience.

Community Service Learning Project

All the information for the MidTerm project is located here. The project is assigned in Module 3 and due in Module 6

  1. Community Service Learning Project - MidTerm project You should be working on your project work every week. Report your weekly project progress in the Community Service Learning Progress discussion (module 3) in the topic for your project selection - Project Gutenberg, Tar Heel Reader, Local community,... This is an opportunity to share information with others working for the same community partners. Just 1-2 sentences describing the work you are doing and any problems that you are having. You can report successes too!

  1. Midterm project - Community Service Learning. Your Community service learning summary is due. Complete the Community service Summary "quiz" answering all the questions about your project work. You will need to have your work hours tracking information to copy into the work hours "question" in the Community Service Learning Summary quiz.

Final project

  1. Final Project - It is time to start thinking about the Final Project. Groups of 4-5 students work together to prepare a public wiki presentation. Everything associated with the Final Project is together in a module near the bottom of the CIS2 main page - discussions, instructions, guidelines, link to wiki for collaboration.

    Read the Final Project Guidelines, as well as the notes in the Final Project module. After you have reviewed all of the information, complete the quiz Final Project preparation.

  2. Start working to form groups. Use the Final Project Group Choice in the Final Project module to join a group. To join a group, go to Module 10 Final Projects, pick your favorite topic and click on it to select it. That's it, you don't have to email anyone to set-up a group. Don't wait, pick a topic early. Start thinking about the Project now. Make contact using the Final Project discussion and work out a plan for the project. You must be part of a group by next week.

  3. In the Final Projects forum in the Final Project module, post all your group discussions as replies to your project Group discussion. This is a good way to keep the group communications organized and available to all.

    Then, in your final project group, develop a project outline. You and your group will work together in coming weeks. Include a 2-3 sentence description of the objective, point of view and list of subtopics that might be addressed. Post your ideas for the final project.

    Review the ideas and comment in your group, adding your thoughts about the outline and provide feedback to improve or enhance the presentation content. Combine your ideas and work together as outlined in the Group project guidelines.

  4. Work out a schedule and timeline for the final project, assigning roles and responsibilities to everyone. Post the names and responsibilities of everyone in your group. This should match the list of people who selected this project in the project selection choice. There shouldn't be any surprises. Include a preliminary schedule for the group including task, responsibilities and due dates.