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Ayo Onatola
Employer:Abingdon and Witney College, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, UK
Occupation:Academic Librarianship
Other roles:Community development activism
Languages:English and Yoruba
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Selected Publications


1 Onatola, A. D. (1996). Security Systems: Implications for stock management in Nigerian University Libraries. (A case study of Kenneth Dike Library, University of Ibadan, Nigeria) MLAIS Thesis.

Authorship of*/Contribution in Books

1 Onatola, Ayo (2009). “Personalia – From abstract to concrete, cataloguing to library management: the life and times of Deacon O. K. Odusanya (CLN, FNLA) at the Olabisi Onabanjo University Library, Ago-Iwoye, Nigeria”, pp. 1-11. [In: Current Trends in Library and Information Science – essays in honour of Late O. K. Odusanya, Former University Librarian of Olabisi Onabanjo University/edited by F. A. Oyesiku, et al._Ibadan: BIB Press Nig. Ltd., 308p.ISBN: 978-978-900-175-0].

2 Onatola, Ayo (2007). “Reaching people with disabilities in developing countries through academic libraries”, pp. 87-104. [In: Improving library services to people with disabilities/ edited by Courtney Deines-Jones._United Kingdom: Chandos (Oxford) Publishing Ltd., 200p. ISBN: 1843342863].

3. Otelaja, Soga, Kunle Somiyewo & Ayo Onatola (2005). "Constant Adamson": the biography of Aremo Adamo Yesufu - the political lion of Remo._Lagos: Omega Donat Publishing.

4 Onatola, Ayo (2004). Basics of librarianship - theory & practice: a guide for beginners. - Lagos: Omega Publishers Ltd. 144p. ISBN: 978-041-044-9

Published Journal Articles

1 Onatola Ayo, Ibraheem Abiodun, Oduwole Adebambo (2012). Faculty status of Library and Information Science (LIS) professionals: A comparative reflection on the practices in some University Libraries in Nigeria, UK and USA. Gateway Library Journal, 15: 1-14.

2 Komolafe, Helen O. & Ayo Onatola (2008). Information seeking habits of clinical information by nurses at Nigeria's Premier University Teaching Hospital: A Survey. Journal of Hospital Librarianship, 8 (2): 175-192. []

3 Oduwole, A. A. & Ayo Onatola, (2008). Survival strategies for health information professionals (HIP) in Nigeria. Journal of Hospital Librarianship, 8 (1): 61-71. []

4 Onatola, Ayo & Toyin Dina (2006). Nigerian libraries and the protection of authors’ rights. Nigerian Libraries, 39:49-64

5 Onatola, Ayo & A. A. Oduwole (2006). Planning and organizing a 21st Century digital libraries in Nigeria. Journal of Hospital Librarianship, 6 (1): 65-76.*|onatola*

6 Onatola, Ayo (2004). State of the Nigerian medical libraries: an overview. Journal of Library & Information Science (JOLIS), 1 (1&2), Dec.: 47-56.

7 Onatola, Ayo (2002). Re-positioning the library profession for relevance in the knowledge age. Language and Librarianship Journal, 3 (2): 6-13.

8 Onatola, Ayo (2000). [Short communication]. Career development and movement of librarians in a Nigerian university library. Afr. J. Lib., Arch. & Inf. Sc., 10 (1), Apr.: 63-68.

9 Onatola, Ayo (1998). Staff assessment of stock losses and security lapses in two selected Nigerian university libraries. Gateway Library Journal, 1 (1), Aug.: 40-45.

Published Letters/Opinions in other Media

1 Onatola, Ayo (2003) [Letter]. Access to scientific information in developing countries – a librarian’s viewpoint. The SciDevNet, 25 Mar [(Science and Development Network -SciDev.Net). fuseaction= readeditorletter&itemid=27&language=1]

2 Onatola, Ayo (2005) [eLetter]: Impetus for achieving sustainable success in health information search. [In: Bernard C.K. Choi (2005). Innovative ideas needed for timely and effective public health information dissemination. J. Epidemiol Community Health Online, 59: 259]. 31 Mar.

REDIRECT [[See Author’s Reply - Bernard C.K. Choi (2005); J. Epidemiol Community Health Online, 59: 259]. 14 Jun.]]

3 Onatola Ayo (2008). Capacity building for librarians as a determinant for effective delivery of library services (Private Communications), p.17. [In: Benedict A. Oladele (2008). Globalization and African Libraries: The Challenge of Self-Discovery in a Digital World, 20p]. A paper presented at the World Library and Information Congress: 74TH IFLA General Conference and Council: 10-14 August 2008, Québec, Canada.

Review of Book(s)

1 Onatola, Ayo (2007). Book review - Internet guide to cosmetic surgery for men by Wood, M.S. (2006). The Haworth Information Press, ISBN 0789016095. CILIP Health Libraries Group Newsletter, 24(3) Sep. p23-24

Papers presented at Conferences and Workshops

1 Onatola, Ayo & Abiodun I. Ibraheem (2011). “Whither evidence-based librarianship: a comparative reflection on the practices in some university libraries in Nigeria, UK and USA”. [Being the paper presented at the EBLIP6 Conference: Manchester…27-30 June, 2011]

2 Onatola, Ayo (1995). Chemistry practical work and large classes: A Librarian’s view. [Being the paper presented at the Annual Conference of the Science Teachers Association of Nigeria (STAN); held at Kashim Ibrahim Library, Federal College of Education, Maiduguiri, Nigeria: 14-17 April, 1995].

Conferences and Workshops Attended

1 HLG-CILIP Workshop (2011). Free 1-day workshops in London and Leicester - "Personal effectiveness and career progression" in collaboration with Sue Hill Recruitment. Presented by Suzanne Wheatley from Sue Hill Recruitment._London: Friday 16th September 2011.{Sponsorship received for attendance from the HLG}.

2 EBLIP6 Conference (2011). Evidence-based librarianship Conference, Manchester…27-30 June, 2011]

3 Go On: ND11, the 6th National Digital Conference._London: 11th and 12th May 2011 at Old Billingsgate, London.

4 Information Literacy Group, CILIP (2010). Second Conference on ‘Sharing good practice in Evidence-Based Information Literacy - EBIL’. 3 November. Sponsored by the Information Literacy Group and hosted by London Metropolitan University Tower Building and Graduate Centre, Holloway Road, London

5 IFLA (2009). World Library and Information Congress: 75th IFLA General Conference and Assembly. (Theme: "Libraries create futures: Building on cultural heritage"); held at Fiera Milano Convention Centre (MIC), Milan, Italy: 23-27 August 2009.

6 CILIP’s Biennial Conference “Umbrella 2007”. (Theme: Catalysts for Change: making a difference). Held at the De Haviland Campus, University of Hertfordshire, UK: 28-30 June 2007.~

7 1-day workshop on “Maternal and Child Health”, tagged “AFRICAN DAY”. Held at the Royal College of Obstetrics & Gynecology, London, UK: 23 Mar. 2007.

8 E-mail course on Health Information Management Skills, organized by the Association for Health Information & Libraries in Africa (AHILA): 12 Feb.-30 Mar. 2006.

9 In-house training on the HERITAGE IV library management tool; coordinated by the IT Department of St. Christopher’s College of Medicine, Luton, UK: 19-21 Dec., 2004.

10 Nigerian Library Association (2004). The 42nd Annual National Conference/ AGM "Akure 2004"; (Theme: “Libraries - tools for education and development”). Held at Solton International Hotel & Resort, Ijapo Estate, Akure, Ondo State: Nigeria: 20-25 June 2004.

11 Capacity Building Workshop on “Information & Communication Technology”. Held at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria: 21 Sep. - 06 Oct. 2003.

12 Training Program on “Internet Proficiency”. Held at the Lagos State University College of Medicine, Ikeja-Lagos, Nigeria: 9 Jan, 2003.

13 National Training Workshop on “CDS /ISIS and TINLIB”. Held at the Development Policy Centre, Ibadan, Nigeria: 27-31 Oct., 1997.

14 Annual Conference of the Science Teachers Association of Nigeria (STAN); held at Kashim Ibrahim Library, Federal College of Education, Maiduguiri, Nigeria: 14-17 April, 1995.

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Ayo Onatola

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