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Morning all, I'm Cherry. I am an educational designer at the University of New England. I am currently working on two projects - teacher training via distance (using Sakai) and nurse education (using Blackboard).

We are considering structuring the nurse education program using case studies. I begin that project next week, so it will be very helpful to discuss this type of education and the use of wikis for the purpose.

I have been involved in online learning for about 15 years. I am a former primary school teacher who moved into technical education and am now in the university sector. I look forward to establishing a great working relationship with you all.


hello cherry great to see your interest in this topic. I am looking forward to "talking" with our global participants and your perspectives will greatly enrich this course. Bronwyn

Hi cherry, I'm a midwifery educator so will be interested to hearing more about what you are up to: cheers Sarah

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