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Course objectives204:05, 30 April 2016

Course objectives

Curious if you have anything determined yet for the course: course objectives or desired results, assessment possibilities, instructional delivery-public or private, credit and non-credit seeking learners, respective major, LMS/CMS, etc...

Any information you can provide will help give context to those making contributions to your cause.

Bnleez (talk)03:02, 30 April 2016

Yes we do,

  1. The course will be offered as an open online course with C-MOOC like features with interactions distributed accross the web. "Instructional" delivery will definitely be public enabling anyone to participate without password access.
  2. The open version will be published using the OERu web-publishing model (see for example DS4OER - there will be options for any institution to integrate the core course materials within the local LMS - but the OERu version will always be open.
  3. Learners may study for self-interest (i.e not interested in formal credit) in parallel with OERu learners seeking formal credit.
  4. Otago Polytechnic will be providing assessment services leading to transcript credit for this 1st-year level course. Other partners may also decide to accredit or recognise credit transfer.
  5. We are currently exploring the remix / incorporation of existing courses, see for example:
    • The TESU curriculum outline and the programme specification for a similar USQ course - but we are not necessarily wedded to these learning outcomes, hence the crowdsourcing approach.
  6. The LiDA course will be offered as part of the OERu 1st year of study with strong encouragement for learners pursuing academic credit for a 1st year exit credential at the OERu to consider taking this course first to acquire the digital and learning skills needed for successful university study.

Hope this helps.

Mackiwg (talk)03:23, 30 April 2016

It does, thanks for sharing.

Bnleez (talk)04:05, 30 April 2016