2011.11 OERu Anchor Partner Meeting

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Meeting details

When: 9 & 10 November 2011
Where: Council room, Otago Polytechnic, Forth Street, Dunedin, New Zealand
Who: Founding OERu anchor partners and interested persons
Webstream: UStream
Participants: Virtual | Face-to-face


Aims of the meeting

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The purpose of the founding meeting of OERu anchor partners is to:
  • Identify and agree the inaugural credential for the OERu
  • commence implementation planning for the OERu
  • plan the 2012 OERu prototype
  • consider options for strategic investment in OERu



Register today as a virtual participant at the OERu meeting of founding anchor partners scheduled for 8 - 9 November in Dunedin, New Zealand. Give the gift of knowledge - Download and share the with a colleague or friend.



OERU planning discussions

We welcome collaborative contributions to our open planning for the OERu. Post comments on the corresponding talk pages in the wiki or Join the discussions on Google groups.

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Re: [OERU] The Textbook Liberation Fund
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Thanks Rory On Sun, Feb 14, 2016 at 10:32 PM, rory <ro...@athabascau.ca> wrote: > Hemlata, > My understanding is that it is open to all. But they may want some US > benefit. I shall...
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Re: [OERU] The Textbook Liberation Fund
Hemlata, My understanding is that it is open to all. But they may want some US benefit. I shall talk to her this week and get more info. And, you could contact her directly. She responded quickly t...
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Re: [OERU] The Textbook Liberation Fund
Thanks Rory for sharing Is it applicable to Indians? I need your guidance let me go and read if I have any query shall mail you. Hows it going otherwise? Take Care Hema Dr Hemlata Chari Deputy Dire...
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Re: [OERU] Soft launch: This OERu list on google groups is moving to a new home
Dear Dr. Wayne, Thank you for the info. Signed up at community.oeru.org . Let us make it an excellent place for showcasing creativity, productivity and commitment of the community. Warm regards Ani...
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Soft launch: This OERu list on google groups is moving to a new home
Hi everyone, This is an early notification that this list (oe...@google.groups.com) will be moving to a new home in the near future. The OER Foundation has established a new site: community.oeru.or...
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