2011.11 OERu Anchor Partner Meeting

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Meeting details

When: 9 & 10 November 2011
Where: Council room, Otago Polytechnic, Forth Street, Dunedin, New Zealand
Who: Founding OERu anchor partners and interested persons
Webstream: UStream
Participants: Virtual | Face-to-face


Aims of the meeting

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The purpose of the founding meeting of OERu anchor partners is to:
  • Identify and agree the inaugural credential for the OERu
  • commence implementation planning for the OERu
  • plan the 2012 OERu prototype
  • consider options for strategic investment in OERu



Register today as a virtual participant at the OERu meeting of founding anchor partners scheduled for 8 - 9 November in Dunedin, New Zealand. Give the gift of knowledge - Download and share the with a colleague or friend.



OERU planning discussions

We welcome collaborative contributions to our open planning for the OERu. Post comments on the corresponding talk pages in the wiki or Join the discussions on Google groups.

Re: [OERU] edX Global Freshman Academy
I agree, Mika. So does OERu partner Athabasca University, through their BGS programme, and a number of non-OERu institutions as well. ASU is big enough to generate a lot of hype. Just as Stanford d...
Steve Foerster 2015-04-24 14:16:55
Re: [OERU] edX Global Freshman Academy
Note that two OERu members, Thomas Edison State College and Excelsior College, have been granting exam-based credentials for years, and for far less than $200/credit hour--the development at ASU is...
Mika Hoffman 2015-04-24 09:44:11
Re: [OERU] edX Global Freshman Academy
Hi Jim, Thanks for sharing. This is a significant development in the space - MOOCs for credit (but you only pay once you pass.) OERu could be competing in this space if only we could speed up our p...
Wayne Mackintosh 2015-04-23 23:32:31
edX Global Freshman Academy
Arizona State University and edX are now offering freshman level courses for credit. https://www.edx.org/gfa ASU has complete online degree programs, but I suspect this will significantly widen...
Jim Tittsler 2015-04-23 22:47:03
OERu mOOC: DS4OER launched today
Hi everyone, We're pleased to launch the prototype offering of the Digital Skills for Collaborative OER Development (DS4OER) course today. The OERu envisions a world where all learners will hav...
Wayne Mackintosh 2015-04-12 23:58:40
BCcampus features news item on forthcoming OERu course
Hi everyone, BCcampus in Canada has published a news item on our forthcoming OERu course: "New MOOC-like course from OERu provides hands-on experience for educators interested in integrating O...
Wayne Mackintosh 2015-03-25 04:16:34
RE: [OERU] AU MOOC: learning to learn online
Just for the record – if it is closed, it is not a MOOC. J -- Stephen *From:* OE...@googlegroups.com [mailto:OE...@googlegroups.com] *On Behalf Of *Wayne Mackintosh *Sent:* March 9, 2015...
Downes 2015-03-09 11:13:58
Re: [OERU] AU MOOC: learning to learn online
Hi Rory, Thanks for the update. AU is certainly not alone in offering "closed" MOOCs and to be fair, at most universities things move forward at "academic speed". Nonetheless, f...
Wayne Mackintosh 2015-03-09 04:28:55
Re: [OERU] AU MOOC: learning to learn online
Wayne, No it is not fully open; it is behind a registration wall, but that is the best we could get at this stage in an "official" MOOC. We'll keep working on the opennesss. Rory Rory...
Rory 2015-03-09 04:05:40
Re: [OERU] AU MOOC: learning to learn online
Hi Rory, Thanks for sharing - this looks like a very interesting course which could be of benefit for future OERu learners. Is the course openly licensed? I am unable to check this because the cour...
Wayne Mackintosh 2015-03-09 03:37:06
Re: [OERU] AU MOOC: learning to learn online
Rory I have already distribute in our Teaching community. I shall share it on social media too rgds hema On Mon, Mar 9, 2015 at 8:58 AM, rory <ro...@athabascau.ca> wrote: > Please distribu...
Hemlata 2015-03-09 03:32:27
AU MOOC: learning to learn online
Please distribute. Rory Rory McGreal UNESCO/COL/ICDE Chair in OER Athabasca University Hi all, In the spirit of experimentation and research, AU is offering it's first official MOOC, Learning t...
Rory 2015-03-09 03:29:10
Open Education Week: OERu webinar
*Apology for any duplicate posts.* Happy open education week! As part of the Open Education week activities this year I will be joining the eMundus series of webinars to share experiences of the OE...
Wayne Mackintosh 2015-03-08 21:27:20
eMundus Open Education Week webinars
Hi everyone, The eMundus project supported by the European Commission is hosting a series of webinars during Open Education week. The eMundus project is exploring the nexus of open education, MOOCs...
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2015 OERu meetings and ICDE World Conference in South Africa
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