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About the project

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Individuals are free to learn from OER hosted on the open web. The OER for Assessment and Credit for Students Project will provide opportunities for these OER learners who are interested in earning formal academic credit for their learning. This project will contribute to the design and development of the OER university (now OER universitas).

This OER initiative will align with the community service and outreach missions of the formal education sector. Through our community service mission we will open pathways for OER learners to earn formal academic credit and pay reduced fees for assessment and credit. In this way the OER movement can contribute to addressing the global demand for higher education where traditional delivery models are unable to respond to the need for post-secondary education.


What we aim to achieve

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This project aims to:
  • Collaboratively develop:
    • a logic model including inputs, activities, outputs and impact framework for the initiative;
    • a project and implementation plan derived from the logic model.
  • Implement one or more credentials based on OER resources for piloting and refining the model across multiple institutions.
  • Build a network of formal education education institutions, OER agencies, governments and international agencies to contribute to the incremental development and refinement of the OER university thus nurturing the evolution of a sustainable international OER ecosystem.


Collaborating partners

Tertiary education providers and OER agencies are free to join this project as anchor partners. They subscribe to the core principles of engagement for the project.

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What people are saying - Blogs about OERu

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News and announcements

Towards an OER university: Free learning for all students worldwide. UNESCO and the OER Foundation announce a strategic international meeting to be hosted in Dunedin on 23 February to commence planning for the provision of free learning to all students worldwide. Support from UNESCO to stream the meeting will allow the participation of education leaders from around the globe. Read more ...
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UNESCO will sponsor a live web stream of the planning meeting. Register now as a remote participant, download the and spread the word among colleagues and friends. Let's build sustainable OER futures together!

International media



Live microblog feed

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Re: [OERU] An OOC on 'Storyboarding for Learning Design' - of interest to the OERu?
Hi Gabi and Brenda, Thanks for sharing.  In response to your questions: - Yes, Storyboarding will definitely be a useful addition to OERu courses. In fact, early in the new year I'll be develo...
Wayne Mackintosh 2014-12-17 22:08:54
Re: [OERU] An OOC on 'Storyboarding for Learning Design' - of interest to the OERu?
Dear OERu colleagues I am writing to let you know that, together with my colleague Brenda Padilla in Mexico, I will be running an open online course (an OOC, with no ambitions to be massive!) in th...
Gabi Witthaus 2014-12-17 15:05:56
Re: [OERU] Digest for OE...@googlegroups.com - 3 updates in 2 topics
Here’s a warm (so to speak!) welcome to Canberra from Canada! We look forward to working with you. Irwin DeVries PhD Director, Curriculum Development Thompson Rivers University, Open Learning On...
Irwin DeVries 2014-12-16 13:47:00
Re: [OERU] University of Canberra joins OERu and launches UC Open
Good news Wayne Sent from my iPad On 16/12/2014, at 2:08 pm, Wayne Mackintosh <mackinto...@gmail.com> wrote: We are proud to announce OERu's newest partner, the University of Canberra (UC...
Phil Ker 2014-12-16 02:54:23
University of Canberra joins OERu and launches UC Open
We are proud to announce OERu's newest partner, the University of Canberra (UC). We extend a very warm welcome to UC on joining the OERu family. The membership announcement coincides with the l...
Wayne Mackintosh 2014-12-16 01:08:04
NZ National Commission for UNESCO supports OER mOOCs for capability development
The New Zealand National Commission for UNESCO has called on the OER Foundation to use their tested micro Open Online Course (mOOC) model to build capability in OER and open educational practices....
Wayne Mackintosh 2014-12-15 23:54:16
Re: [OERU] Re: Any OERu partners who have installed and trialled open edX?
Hi Wayne. This sounds very interesting and i would love if you could give a webinar on this when you have implemented it. Seán Mullery and I are working on our open courses in Electronic Engineeri...
Brian Mulligan 2014-12-12 14:38:38
Re: [OERU] Any OERu partners who have installed and trialled open edX?
Once you find some people, it would be nice to put them on the Open edX site for others to see examples of the thing in use (screenshots and such).  Cheers, Dr. Maria Droujkovamoebiusnoodles.com 9...
Maria Droujkova 2014-12-12 10:47:34
Re: [OERU] Any OERu partners who have installed and trialled open edX?
We have been using Open edX at http://courses.metaStudio.org (LMS) and http://coursemaker.metaStudio.org.   If you like to explore and create courses to check its suitability, please go ah...
Nagarjuna G 2014-12-12 09:45:28
Re: [OERU] Re: Any OERu partners who have installed and trialled open edX?
Hi Brian, I suspect that there are a few OERu partners who would be interested in using hosted services like http://mooc.org (or other providers) for hosting MOOCs using the Open edX platform....
Wayne Mackintosh 2014-12-12 01:29:20
Re: Any OERu partners who have installed and trialled open edX?
This would be too much of a challenge for a small organisation like ours, but we do have a high expectation of using http://mooc.org - I would be interested to see if anyone else has intentions...
Brian Mulligan 2014-12-11 13:25:00
Any OERu partners who have installed and trialled open edX?
Hi everyone, We're keen to explore an OERu course prototype using the Open edX platform as one of our "demonstrator" pilot projects exploring the interface between course content aut...
Wayne Mackintosh 2014-12-11 09:37:41
Meet OERu's first graduate
Hi everyone, Thompson Rivers University (TRU) student, Michelle Aragon had a study abroad experience without ever leaving home— and made history to boot, becoming the first student to receive aca...
Wayne Mackintosh 2014-12-09 04:10:58
Re: [OERU] Alpha release of OERu guidelines for articulation and credit transfer
On Sat, Nov 1, 2014 at 5:46 PM, Wayne Mackintosh <mackinto...@gmail.com> wrote: Thanks Maria, Good point, we need a human readable version for learners / parents. Would you mind posting a cop...
Maria Droujkova 2014-11-30 15:40:41
Re: [OERU] OERu partners welcome Curtin University
Congratulations CU and OERu! Warn regards Anil http://www.wikieducator.org/User:Anil_Prasad http://www.apletters.blogspot.com On Wed, Nov 12, 2014 at 5:36 AM, Wayne Mackintosh <mackinto....
Anil 2014-11-12 01:37:49