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About the project

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Individuals are free to learn from OER hosted on the open web. The OER for Assessment and Credit for Students Project will provide opportunities for these OER learners who are interested in earning formal academic credit for their learning. This project will contribute to the design and development of the OER university (now OER universitas).

This OER initiative will align with the community service and outreach missions of the formal education sector. Through our community service mission we will open pathways for OER learners to earn formal academic credit and pay reduced fees for assessment and credit. In this way the OER movement can contribute to addressing the global demand for higher education where traditional delivery models are unable to respond to the need for post-secondary education.


What we aim to achieve

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This project aims to:
  • Collaboratively develop:
    • a logic model including inputs, activities, outputs and impact framework for the initiative;
    • a project and implementation plan derived from the logic model.
  • Implement one or more credentials based on OER resources for piloting and refining the model across multiple institutions.
  • Build a network of formal education education institutions, OER agencies, governments and international agencies to contribute to the incremental development and refinement of the OER university thus nurturing the evolution of a sustainable international OER ecosystem.


Collaborating partners

Tertiary education providers and OER agencies are free to join this project as anchor partners. They subscribe to the core principles of engagement for the project.

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What people are saying - Blogs about OERu

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News and announcements

Towards an OER university: Free learning for all students worldwide. UNESCO and the OER Foundation announce a strategic international meeting to be hosted in Dunedin on 23 February to commence planning for the provision of free learning to all students worldwide. Support from UNESCO to stream the meeting will allow the participation of education leaders from around the globe. Read more ...
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UNESCO will sponsor a live web stream of the planning meeting. Register now as a remote participant, download the and spread the word among colleagues and friends. Let's build sustainable OER futures together!

International media



Live microblog feed

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Discussion list feed

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Re: [OERU] University World News article on the OERu
Thank you for the excellent, clear and concise article Wayne. Even with following OERu since its inception, I feel much more centered. I especially liked the clarity of your explanation of the diff...
— Deb Cordier 2015-08-24 14:13:53
University World News article on the OERu
Hi everyone University World News is publishing a series of articles in the lead up to the 26th ICDE World Conference. FYI - The first in the series is an article which features the OERu: Open Educ...
— Wayne Mackintosh 2015-08-24 09:49:39
OERu Oceania regional meeting - Designing open business models
Hi Everyone Planning for the OERu Regional Oceania meeting on 27 August 2015 to design and develop open business models is well underway. (See meeting website). These open business models will be t...
— Wayne Mackintosh 2015-08-18 05:42:28
OERu launches input evaluation survey to inform design decisions.
Hi everyone, The OERu believes that most of the vision for successful implementation of our innovation partnership will come from the community. Today we have launched a comprehensive input evaluat...
— Wayne Mackintosh 2015-08-10 23:23:16
Broadcast: 5th Meeting of the OERu Management Committee (29 July / 30 July 2015)
Hi everyone, The 5th meeting of the OERu Management Committee (OERuMC) will be broadcast live on Google Hangouts on Air this week. - *Broadcast link*: Hangouts on Air - *When*: Vancouver - Wednesda...
— Wayne Mackintosh 2015-07-25 04:17:15
Hewlett confirms ongoing support for the OERu
Hi everyone, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation has confirmed ongoing support for the OERu for the next 3 years. (Read more... ) We are trialling a new community site for the OERu using the o...
— Wayne Mackintosh 2015-07-21 00:47:48
Minutes of the 4th Meeting of the OERu Management Committee
Hi Everyone, We've posted the minutes of the 4th meeting of the OERu Management Committee in the wiki. The individual working groups will be convening during July. If you haven't had a chan...
— Wayne Mackintosh 2015-07-02 04:01:47
Reminder OERu Management Committee Meeting broadcast this week
Hi Everyone, Just a brief reminder that the *4th Meeting of the OERu Management Committee* will be broadcast live on Google Hangouts on Air on *Monday 29 June (North America)* and *Tuesday* *30 Jun...
— Wayne Mackintosh 2015-06-28 03:29:24
Re: [OERU] Our OERu community source model receives a major boost
Welcome Dave. Kind Regards, Matai Fiji Islands. On 22 June 2015 at 19:46, Wayne Mackintosh <mackinto...@gmail.com> wrote: > [image: Boxbe] This message is eligible for Automatic Cl...
— matai tagicaki 2015-06-22 22:43:11
Re: [OERU] Our OERu community source model receives a major boost
Great news warm welcome to David:) iPhone brevity. Please forgive typos and conciseness of reply. On 22/06/2015, at 7:46 pm, Wayne Mackintosh <mackinto...@gmail.com> wrote: Hi everyone, I&#39...
— Vasi Doncheva 2015-06-22 20:58:25
Re: [OERU] Our OERu community source model receives a major boost
Warm welcome Dave! Warm regards Anil On Mon, Jun 22, 2015 at 1:16 PM, Wayne Mackintosh <mackinto...@gmail.com> wrote: > Hi everyone, > > I'm very pleased to share the news of the...
— Anil 2015-06-22 12:26:48
Our OERu community source model receives a major boost
Hi everyone, I'm very pleased to share the news of the appointment of our new Open Source Technologist. Dave Lane is currently the President of the New Zealand Open Source Society and brings 21...
— Wayne Mackintosh 2015-06-22 07:46:21
Re: [OERU] NOUN joins the OERu family
This will open up massive access to education to many Nigerians who hitherto could not afford due to high cost. This is real good On Fri, Jun 19, 2015 at 2:55 AM, Caine, Abel <a.c...@unesco.org&...
— Simon Yalams 2015-06-19 09:49:20
RE: [OERU] NOUN joins the OERu family
Hello all, Very happy to note that the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) has joined the OERu Network. With the financial assistance of the European Commission and the Hewlett Foundation, U...
— Abel 2015-06-19 07:55:25
Re: [OERU] NOUN joins the OERu family
Wow! Wonderful news. Cable On Jun 18, 2015, at 7:38 PM, Wayne Mackintosh <mackinto...@gmail.com> wrote: Today, the National Open University of Nigeria announced their decision to join the OER...
— Cable Green 2015-06-19 02:48:10