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About the Community Media Network of Tanzania

On this page you will find information that has been compiled about the capacity development programmes for Community Media in Tanzania. The information has been compiled on behalf of the Community Media Network of Tanzania. This is a network for those interested with community-based information, dissemination, and communication initiatives such as community multimedia centres, community radios, rural press and telecentres in Tanzania.

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A Tanzanian society in which all citizens have equal access to information and knowledge as a means towards sustainable development.


To strengthen the coordination, collaboration and networking of diverse Tanzanian community media organizations with other stakeholders, to influence policy and promote best practices and freedom of expression in and through Tanzania’s media.

Objectives of the Network

Principles guiding network members

This principles were agreed by the network members during the workshop that was held in Sengerema from 25-29 May 2009 in Sengerema.


UN Women conducted three (3) separate training for community media in Tanzania. The objective of the training was to raise awareness on constitutional changes, good governance, anti corruption, HIV/AIDS and Gender Based Violence through community radio as a long term strategy that encourages the participation of women in democratic discourse.

Training One: Venue Micheweni, Pemba: participating community radios were: Micheweni, Makunduchi, Zenj FM, Mtwara, Masasi, Kyela, Makete, Nuru, Kitulo, Kilosa, Pemba Press Club and Uzikwaza. Dates for MIcheweni were 20 - 24 June 2011.

Training two: Venue Arusha: Dates: 27 June - 1 July 2011.

Training three: Venue Sengerema: 3-8th July 2011. participating community radios were: Sengerema, Fadeco, Orkonorei, Loliondo, Kwizera, Sibuka, Sikika, Kwanza Jamii, GRAFCA, Kahama and Ruvuma Press Club. 21-25 June 2011. Participation of women was highly recommended.
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In collaboration with the Community Media Network in Tanzania, UNESCO Dar es Salaam office, the Commomwealth of Learning and MISATAN supported a training for Community Media Practitioners in Tanzania.

The workshop focused on Organisational Development and Education. The workshop was held at the Sengerema Telecentre from 25th to 29th May 2009.

Photo Gallery

Launch of Kyela (FM) District Community Radio, 27/09/2010

Launch of Micheweni Community Radio in Pemba Island, Zanzibar, 11/01/2010

Organisational Management Workshop, 25 to 30 May 2009

Workshop Resources

Inventory of Community Media in Tanzania

Other community-based media, invited to COMNETA activities as observers

Contact Info

Joseph Sekiku (Chairperson)
FADECO Community Radio 100.8 FM
P. O. Box 223 Karagwe - Kagera
+255 (754) 605682

Mr. Felicien Ncheye (Deputy Chairperson)
Sengerema Community Multimedia Centre (98.8FM)
P. O. Box 399 Sengerema-Mwanza

Ms. Rose Haji
Technical Expert: Community Media
UNESCO Dar es Salaam

Al-Amin Yusuph
Adviser for Communication and Information
UNESCO Dar es Salaam
a dot yusuph at unesco dot org

Courtney Price Ivins
Communication and Information Project Officer
UNESCO Dar es Salaam
c dot ivins at unesco dot org


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