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Zur Stärkung der Gemeinschaft

Aufrechterhaltung der erreichten Ziele - Stichwörter

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The word "sustainability" is important in development assistance. (The word is not found in most dictionaries). It refers to the "ability" of something to be "sustained" (carried on) after outside support is withdrawn. For the community that builds a water supply, the repairing, cleaning and using the pump after it is constructed, is the desire. For an external donor, it is the continuation of the project or its outputs after the donor withdraws. For you, the mobilizer, it is the continuation of the community strengthening social process after you move on. For environmentalists and ecologists, sustainabilty requires that an activity can be sustained (eg biologically) by the physical environment, that non-renewable resources are not used up.

(العربيّة: الاستمرارية, Chinese, 持续性, English: sustainability, Español: sostenimiento, Filipino/Tagalog: maipapatuloy, Français: durabilité, हिन्दी: निरंतरता, Italiano: sostenibilita, 日本語: 継続, Kiswahili: udhibiti, Romãnã: dezvoltare durabila, Português: sustentabilidade, Somali: xejin اردو: سسٹينيبِلٹ)