Zur Stärkung der Gemeinschaft/Gemeindeorganisation/Gemeindeaktionsplan vorbereiten

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Zur Stärkung der Gemeinschaft

Vorbereitung eines Gemeindeaktionsplans

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The Community Decides its Own Future
Deciding what is wanted, observing what is available, and recognizing the steps needed to get it – are all bases of planning

In training and encouraging the community and its executive to become stronger (more self reliant), you must impress upon them the necessity of management and planning.

In planning, it is first necessary to have a vision, "Where do you want to go?" To illustrate that, we often quote Lewis Carroll, the author of Alice in Wonderland: "If you do not know where you are going, then any road will do."

It is important that the community is unified in sharing its vision. Your job as mobilizer is to ensure that.

The essence of management planning is condensed into four questions:

  • 1."What do we want?"
  • 2."What do we have?"
  • 3."How do we use what we have to get what we want?" and
  • 4."What will happen when we do?"

The community assessment should answer question two.

To answer questions three and four, the community should prepare a Community Action Plan (CAP). This can be a one year plan, a five year plan, or some other time period, consistent in length with district plans.

The action plan should indicate:

  • 1.how the community is now;
  • 2.how it wants to be by the end of the period; and
  • 3.how it intends to get from 1 to 2.

It can make reference to any planned community projects; those are described below.

The action plan should be drafted by the executive committee, based on community feedback from the presented assessment. The draft action plan should then be presented to the community as a whole for refinement and approval.

Again you, as mobilizer, should not present it, but facilitate so that the executive can present it. Its acceptance must be by the whole unified community.