Zur Stärkung der Gemeinschaft/Gemeindeorganisation/Aktives Training

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Zur Stärkung der Gemeinschaft

Aktives Training

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Training that Produces Action as Well as Transferring Skills
Here the community members learn by doing, and the "doing" here is the choosing, planning and organizing that are needed for engaging in a community self help project that will contribute to their increased self reliance

The actions the community will now undertake are to:

  • form an executive committee;
  • assess community conditions;
  • prepare a plan of action;
  • obtain needed resources;
  • ensure that all community activities will be monitored, and
  • organize most effectively for action.

Action by itself will not necessarily strengthen a community, nor will training.

Your task is to integrate community action with training and guidance of community members.

At all times you are guiding the community, show them that this is an opportunity to learn.

Preparing an action plan may at first seem to them to be an unnecessary nuisance; you must be enthusiastic in showing them its importance and usefulness.

The community gets stronger when its members learn by doing and when you facilitate their self learning.

See: Training as Mobilization.