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Challenge Summary
Summary: Review a business report that you find on the internet and prepare brief internal communications about it.
About 2 hours

Start here

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Stimulus resources
  • You may find it useful to refer back to the chapter on Good writing from the Effective business writing learning pathway.
  • Here is an example of a business report, annotated using hypothes.is in the way required for the learning challenge: 2019 Business Agility Report.[1].

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In this challenge, you will apply what you have learnt about different types of business communication to:

  1. Find an example on the internet of a business report which has been written to a high professional standard.
  2. Identify:
    • What type of report you have found
    • The main elements of the report
    • The intended audience and other main stakeholders for the report
    • Examples of good writing style and non-verbal communication.
  3. Select appropriate communication channels and wording for distributing the report to different people.


  1. 2019 Business Agility Report: Raising the BAR, published by the Business Agility Institute