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Workgroup to propose policies and guidelines for WE Administrators

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Draft Policies

WE Admin page | Selection of Admins | Policy for page deletions | Policy for page protection | Policy for blocking users

Draft Guidelines

Page deletion guidelines | Guidelines for Blocking users  | Guidelines for protecting pages

Also see & edit Consensus Policy (Draft under development) of inter-group interest

A brief report

Considering the amazing growth of WikiEducator community with brilliant addition of more and more enthusiastic members each day, a group discussion on the need for developing ethics for executing user rights was initiated in WikiEducator discussion group in Google on 9th July 2009. Second round of this discussion commenced on 11th July 2009 with the topic name Business Process for WE; Policy and Guidelines. WikiEducator Community members have very actively participated in these discussions and shared invaluable thoughts and suggestions. This in turn led to the formation of a Workgroup to develop policies and guidelines for the functioning of WikiEducator Administrator/Sysop users.

The Workgroup has developed and approved a charter for its functioning in accordance with the draft guidelines for WikiEducator Workgoups. The Administrator/Sysop users have been selected first for policy/guidelines development because of their important role in System maintenance, which is a basic requirement.

During the course of development of policies and guidelines for the Admin/Sysop users, the workgroup has felt that more time is required for the development of all documents as stated in the charter and it should be in a phased manner( See the Talk page). Therefore the Workgoup is now revising the Project Plan Sectionof the Charter Version 1.0. The Workgroup is also expecting wider community participation for the successful completion of this initiative. Please see the revised project plan (under development) here...

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