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In this activity we will:

  • Learn how to use a MediaWiki
  • Consider the uses of wikis
  • Compare two types of wikis
  • Inquire on policy and practices used by 2 wikis


  1. Do the Wikieducator Tutorials - Time required for each Tutorial is estimated at 15 to 20 minutes. Total interaction time (excluding the practical lesson component should not exceed 3 learning hours for the 10 suggested tutorials).
  2. Watch the video - wikis in plain English and transcribe at least 20 seconds of audio
  3. Create an account with Wikispaces and create a page as your CV
  4. Watch the video - add and edit pages with Media Wiki
  5. Research the differences between Wikispaces and MediaWiki. Log your research to your blog and try find at least 3 expert opinions that compare the two.

suggested topics

  1. Wikipedia's deletion policy
  2. Wiki copyright - who owns wiki what not?

Support materials