Communicating the outcomes

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The process culminates firstly in a presentation to the community the project has been undertaken for, and then secondly in a single high stakes presentation to a panel of assessors at an agreed time and place.

Inevitably, the realities of the workplace are such that change and disruption must be expected and planned for. In some cases the nature of the change is of a scale that it will require a renegotiation of some aspects and outcomes of the Learning Agreement. There is sufficient flexibility in the process and significant experience with this workplace reality that most situations of this nature can be accommodated.

At final assessment, learners bring forward their learning from their project/s, formed into a model of practice which can be positioned within and linked to the work of others, both discipline specific and from the community of practice. Final assessment involves a structured learner-led presentation to a panel followed by panel questioning. The panel is made up of at least three assessors - a senior academic not directly associated with the programme, the Head of School or their nominee, and a senior practitioner with relevant perspective. Learners present with a substantial portfolio and a critical reflection .