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Now consider yourself: Identify new areas for your learning

You may be undertaking this qualification as a requirement for your work. Enrolling and discussions will have identified that this workbased learning pathway is the pathway appropriate for you. This pathway allows you to develop an area of teaching and learning practice and understanding that you want as your focus for future development. In this section we identify what this could be.

A good rule of thumb is to focus on developing areas of learning that are relevant to where you want to go in the future – particularly to any further study you may like to undertake once you have completed this module.

Make a provisional list of titles for your areas of learning

Now that you have thought about your learning over the years and which parts of it are relevant to your future plans, it is time to decide what headings to group your learning under. You may find that some general areas of skill or knowledge emerged as you looked at your CV and job description. This might be learning that you have used time and again in a wide range of circumstances. It may also have emerged that you have knowledge or skill in some specialised areas.