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Practitioner inquiry is a form of applied research that is undertaken by professionals/practitioners within practice contexts and relevant to work and usually has direct application to practice. The inquiry will often focus on improving current practice or have a tangible outcome in terms of a useful product, e.g. a set of company guidelines. It is planned, systematic and its design and process are influenced by a wide range of factors, most significantly the practice context, the practitioner, and relevant stakeholders. Middlesex University.

Your learning agreement will identify how you currently plan to undertake your project. This is very likely to shift and evolve over the course of your project. This is very normal, as change is a normal pattern within much work. If the change is significant and results in major changes such as to the learning outcomes or your method, then this will have to be maintained in your learning agreement. You should discuss with your facilitator how to record these changes and whether the change is so significant that the learning agreement needs to be submitted for reapproval.

It is very important to clearly explain how you will undertake your project and gain the learning necessary for the project to be able to result in meaningful outcomes for yourself and your organisation. Explain how and why your approach for the inquiry developed. Show that you have thought about whether the way you wish to undertake your project is appropriate.