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This page describes the rationale for a template on Wikipedia to direct people to WikiEducator, and describe what people might find if they follow the link.

For example, if someone was on the Wikipedia page Permaculture, a WE search link on that page could include a hit on Permaculture but perhaps also a special WikiEducator page that is more generic pointing to relevant educational resources.

A template for a special page would help people be able to compose such pages in a consistent manner (in much the same way as an encyclopedia article presents expected content).

The WE search template on Wikipedia could be used as follows:



{{WikiEducator|<page name>}}


[[we:<page name>]]

See Interwikimedia_links.

The sections below outline the kinds of things to put on the special target page(s). Please edit/discuss (think of meeting the needs of the Wikipedia users looking for more than an encyclopedia article)

Link back to Wikipedia

{{wp|<page name>}}

Fields of Concern

e.g. to Horticulture for Permaculture

Specific Courses


By Educational Level



categorised ...

What Else?