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This page is meant to be beginning portal focused upon the use of permaculture. It is the top level of what will hopefully become an extensive collection of the use of permaculture in many regions throughout the world. The main idea is to grow as much food as you can as close to home as possible.

Existing Resources


Bowen Island, Canada

Related Information

A Forest Garden

This BBC production is a significant piece of work when it comes to describing the importance of permaculture and related practices. The farm is an important idea.

Food Security

The issue of food sustainability will be a growing political issue with how food is an essential part of national security. This excellent NYT article explores it from a US perspective.

Creating Soil as a Carbon Offset

I'm always looking for what seems to be the most effective approach for carbon offset. With all my recent investigations into creating soil following permaculture approaches I've come to the conclusion that soil creation is the most effective carbon offset. Please keep in mind that the best solution is in reducing your carbon footprint not offsetting it. I will be adding to my delicious tags regarding this belief;