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Wikimania 2008

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At Wikimania 2008 with students from the faculty of engineering Alexandria University


Open Educational Resources and Globalization
Video of the session Kaltura Video

Kim Tucker started by asking people to stand at different ends of a spectrum if they approve of globalization or if they do not.
You can actually see it here Open educational resources and globalization session

A young man from Algeria explained why he was standing on the side of not supporting globalization as he is fluent in French and can read and write it but is not as familiar with his own language. My reason for standing in that area too, I explained in my short presentation. Eighteen years ago I had visited Abou Sultan near Ismailia. Before leaving I asked the farmers where I could throw the rubbish. They said they had none and could not understand what I wanted.
Now, before coming to wikimania I spent a couple of days there and was astonished by the amount of rubbish or garbage that had accumulated. There is a strong feeling of wanting to recycle. I feel this is one of the prices that had to be paid for globalization.
Also incorporated my wikieducator experience in a short talk. My power point presentation on my personal experience. open educational resources and globalization: a personal perspective To view as a power point presentation[1] or [2]


I would like to thank the Wiki Foundation for giving me a scholarship that helped to partially cover my travel expenses from Japan to Egypt to attend Wikimania 2008. My fellow participants in the session and Teemu Leinonen for introducing me to the Japanese participants.