Open educational resources and globalization: a personal perspective

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Open educational resources and globalization A personal perspective

Why I got involved

1. Need
2. Tried to make the lectures I gave available to students
3. Looked for a way to do it
4. Wanted to have my own homepage

Found the UNESCO discussion

Joined the discussion Needed the tools to edit Received an email from wikieducator Took the Learning4content workshop


Answered my needs Practical know how Got it with help

Application for teaching

Extremely helpful for me now
Found all the resources
One student is translating into Japanese


1. Training and simplified protocols To facilitate OER production

Open access journals and open access textbooks
2. For countries and area with limited access to libraries
Demand ……………………Supply

In Egypt, suicide and scams overshadow exams

On page 2 Daily News Egypt Tuesday 8th July 2008


18 years ago no rubbish
Teach recycling

Thank you

Early reading