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Concept of Non Formal Education

Three channels of education.

'Learning', largely is associated with formal schooling, besides, this can also take place through two other channels of education : incidental and non-formal mode of education.

  • Incidental Education: As the terms refers to incidental learning that occurs automatically during the process of daily life, or as result of what an individual absorbs from the environment in which s/he lives or grows up.
  • Formal Education: As we all know, formal education is confined to school education or mainstream education, which is a deliberate, significant and widely adopted mode of education.
  • Non-formal Education: The non-formal education, on the other hand, is an arranged system which is offered at places, time covenient to learners and also according to their social context.

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  • Give at least two instances of incidental learning
  • Two differences between formal and incidental learning