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Identify the top two projects for your country & national country pages

The brainstorm list below was generated by participants of the WikiPasifika online workshop. We would like to initiate one or two Wikipasifika projects on WikiEducator in response to national needs. Please help us in prioritising the list of projects by:

  • Posting, from your national perspective, the top two ideas for a joint WikiPasifika project in this forum
  • What information should appear on the WikiEducator country page for each country?

Brainstorm list

The participants of the WikiPasifika online workshop have identified the following needs and priorities for free content in the region:

  • Staff development resources
    • Various areas in distance education
  • A course on 'Environmental studies' at the first degree level
  • A resource on Open Universities in the World - Project started, see Handbook_of_Open_Universities
  • Lesson plans, including source of materials that are organized and freshly revised - ability to recontextualise is important
  • Peer-reviewed materials for distance education tutors working with learners who do not have access to the Internet
  • Resources for Physics teaching including:
    • Good problems for physics classes;
    • Quality images and simulations for physics stuff;
    • Nice historical overviews of key physics stuff.
  • Multi-lingualism and language issues
  • Foundation resources for learners, for example:
    • How to analyse a case study
    • How to write reports
    • How to write an essay
    • How to compile bibliographies and reference lists
  • Using open source images
  • Pedagogy and learning design resources
  • Agricultural Practices by Climate Zones
  • Open schooling / home schooling
  • Duplication of effort will be avoided
  • Accurate cultural and traditional content
  • Content development costs