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Funding proposals relating to the purpose of WikiEducator are developed collaboratively as free content by the community. We respect the freedoms of individuals and institutions to submit proposals for funding to various agencies and donors that are based on the ideas developed here.

However all outputs, products, processes based or derived from these these ideas must be released under a licence that is compatable with the free content definition or the free software definition.

Ultimately we would like the ideas developed here to be implemented, irrespective of the individuals or organisations involved in preparing proposals.

In the event that anyone should decide to submit a proposal for funding, we request:

  1. that you inform this group of your intention to submit a proposal. Existing networks and communities may be able to strengthen the chances of success;
  2. that you consider, where ever possible to engage members from this community
  3. that you keep this community appraised of developments, failed proposals as well as success.

We are here to help.

Funding proposals

Meta WikiEducator Concept

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