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  • On August 3, 2012 the WikiEducator Workgroup for WOLA has approved its final agenda item viz Pilot Initiatives for WOLA along with certain General recommendations. Thus the Workgroup has successfully accomplished its mission and now the venue is set ready for formal constitution of WOLA.
  • WikiEducator Workgroup for WOLA has approved its Charter
  1. Vision statement of WOLA
  2. Mission statement of WOLA
  3. documentation on an interim organization setup and business procedure for the community college
  4. List of pilot initiatives of WOLA
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  • Through a rough consensus poll, the WikiEducator community has selected the name WikiEducator Open Learning Academy (WOLA) for its community college.
  • The rough consensus poll that seeks to gauge opinion on the scope of the proposed WikiEducator community college and preferred name for the initiative based on submissions made by the community is progressing. Please cast your vote and encourage other WikiEducator community members to cast their votes by the close of business on 19 May, 2012 in their time zones.

    WE are off to another milestone in Open Education!.