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The style guide workgroup was convened on 15 July, 2009 for the purpose of helping WikiEducator members design higher quality resources, and to help make WikiEducator a friendlier resource to use through consistency and high design standards. It has also evolved into a workgroup dedicated to educating and assisting WikiEducators in the use of the style guide. The workgroup does not have an "end" date; its primary output is considered ongoing, and so the workgroup is also ongoing.

The workgroup intends to achieve these goals primarily through the facilitation of the development of style guidelines. A draft policy has been produced which describes the methods in which a guideline may be drafted, ratified, amended, and implemented. Upon approval of the policy, it will be implemented among the current list of proposed guidelines.


It is proposed that the community council review the draft policy at the 7 Sep, 2009 meeting. Upon acceptance by the council, it will be moved to the WikiEducator namespace and considered official WikiEducator policy for the development of style guidelines. Changes to the draft policy may be made at the request of and on the terms set by the council.

Drafting method

Public announcements were sent to the WikiEducator discussion group. All WikiEducator members were welcomed to assist in the drafting of the policy. Silence has been taken as an indication of consent.


Task/Event Date Participants Communications and histories
Draft work begins on the policy 29 July, 2009 Jesse Groppi
First draft completed 24 August, 2009 Jesse Groppi

Mackiwg User:JohnWS

Discussion group announcement
Rewording of "WikiEducator user(s)" for consistency among WE documentation ASnieckus

Jesse Groppi Mackiwg

Allowance added for proposals to be initiated through a discussion of the topic, before a specific guideline is produced ASnieckus

Jesse Groppi

Final draft completed 7 September 2009 Above members Discussion group announcement