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N.B. This is NOT an official WikiEducator policy page.
Its purpose is to explore ideas which may become policy in future.
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Unofficial - work in progress. Consider forming a workgroup to develop this policy or set of guidelines.

This page was created while preparing a template for multilingual resources: Template:Languages.

Please elaborate more generally as appropriate for WikiEducator.


When creating learning resources in any language one needs to consider

  • Where best to put them, for example
    • on the English WikiEducator (e.g. for learners learning in English) or the French WikiEducator for learners learning in French, etc.
  • How best to cross-reference similar resources in other languages (translations, localisations)
  • What language categories to apply (e.g. Category:French vs Category:Français, etc.)
  • Consistency in the interests of quality for WikiEducator usability
    • e.g. with respect to the above points, or use of templates etc.

Multilingual Pages

Some learning resources need to be multilingual.

Care must be taken when deciding whether to provide a translation/localisation of a page or of a course etc.

If translations of a page are appropriate, the template {{Languages}} may be useful.

Otherwise consider creating the course on the appropriate WikiEducator site such as:

and cross reference - e.g. on the English page for Software libre insert

[[fr:Logiciel libre]]

(etc. if it exists in other languages) which will add a link at the bottom of the left panel on a WikiEducator page.

Translation/Language Templates

Language-related Tutorials

See Also