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So, what do Council members do anyway?


Our understanding of community governance is guided by the following definition.

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Governance refers to the formation and stewardship of the formal and informal structures, rules and procedures that guide the activities of the WikiEducator initiative including the fiduciary responsibilities associated with good governance incorporating both economic and societal responsibilities for the custodianship of our community ethos, values and purposes.[1]

Primary responsibilities of the Council

The WikiEducator Council has the responsibility:

  • to guide and support the WikiEducator community in achieving its aims in accordance with the community ethos and values.
  • to model good governance through transparent reporting.
  • to ensure that policies and activities meet the requirements of the essential freedoms defined in the Free Cultural Works Definition.

The roles of Council members are derived from the responsibilities of Council.


  1. Goran Hyden, Julius Court and Kenneth Mease, 2004, Making Sense of Governance: Empirical Evidence from Sixteen Developing Countries, London: Lynne Rienner Publishers, pp.16.