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This page lists action items raised during meeting discussions. It is also a list of the action items that result from motions tabled and approved during the course of the third Council meeting.

  1. Kim Tucker suggested the idea of developing a "code of conduct" -- something like the Ubuntu Code of Conduct. This would appear to be a sensible suggestion. Possible action:
    • Establish a WCC appointed Workgroup or Community Workgroup to work in drafting a "code of conduct" for future consideration by Council.
  2. Peter Rawsthorne, David Wiley, Leighblackall, Kim Tucker and others have referenced the notion of fair usage and fair dealing as it relates to WikiEducator's OER work. Possible actions:
    • Consider developing a "Code of Conduct / Guidelines" for fair usage/dealing by adapting, and adopting something like the Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for OpenCourseWare.
    • Approach the Hewlett Foundation for possible legal assistance in researching the international implications of fair use/dealing when working across national boundaries under their service offer to provide legal support for Hewlett Grantees. (The outcomes of this effort can be shared freely across all OER projects).
  3. Not sure where this should go but... Can WE look into using an open discussion forum tool - like Moodle forum function for WCC meeting discussions on issues once they reach some critical mass? Particularly useful would be a discussion application that allows multiple views of discussions - sort most recent first, sorted earliest first, threaded, nested, searchable. Some of the discussions in this meeting became so long and complex, that I was not able to make sense of the later posts that seem to have little relationship to earlier post in some other page location. Sorry to be a bit dense, but there was an overwhelming volume of good information. It is not possible to see a simple chronological view of the proceedings. --Valerie Taylor 21:55, 9 May 2010 (UTC)
Hi Valerie --- these issues were discussed when Council was first established. In fact I had proposed that WCC should use Moodle and set this up at the time, but WCC members decided that the wiki was the best solution. (In hindsight -- while I didn't agree with this personally at the time, I think that its been the right decision because of the ability to edit collaboratively and the radical transparency this provides). I find the history tab and the Watch list feature very useful for these discussions. The WCC list on google groups can be viewed by the general public -- so at least some measure of transparency is maintained but its better to keep all discussions together in one place. Using Firefox -- you can search the pages in the wiki and I'm sure there is a lot we can do to improve the structure of the discussions. --Wayne Mackintosh 22:10, 9 May 2010 (UTC)