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About the Interim International Advisory Board

WikiEducator's Interim International Advisory Board was assembled by project founder Wayne Mackintosh to serve as a means of involving the community until the project has grown large enough to elect a Board through democratic means. Once 2,500 users have joined the wiki, elections will be held to select a successor Board.

Functions of the Board

As of April 2007, The Board is developing an agenda which is expected to include governance issues and formalising licensing and other policies. All policies are developed using a consensus model encouraging transparent and wide participation by the WikiEducator community.

Board members

Steve Foerster

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Steve Foerster Is Director of E-Learning at Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia, U.S., as well as Director of Instructional Technology for the Free Curricula Center. He joined WikiEducator in 2006 after learning about it at the fourth Pan-Commonwealth Forum, and is now concentrating on porting the Free Curricula Center's material for further development on WikiEducator, e.g., XXI Texts. He is also very excited about the prospects of using wikis and public collaboration techniques in academic research.

Sandhya Gunness

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Sandhya Gunness works as an instructional designer for online courses at the University of Mauritius. She also teaches part-time on the MSc Computer-mediated Communications and Pedagogies programme at the VCILT. Her first involvement with WikiEducator was though the VUSSC project- where she participated as coodinator of the host university for the first "bootcamp" in Mauritius in August 2006. She is very enthusiastic about the Open Educational Resources movement and is currently working on creating a series of workshops to encourage University Faculty to contribute and utilise OERs in their teaching and learning.

Philip Serracino Inglott

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Philip Serracino Inglott works for the | Fondazzjoni Temi Zammit in Malta, an organisation that works on EU and other international projects in various areas including E-learning. His involvement with Wikieducator started with VUSSC, and combines his work with e-Learning with his keen passion for Free Software and Content. Having worked as an assistant to the Maltese Government's representative on the Convention on the Future of Europe, he is very pleased to be involved in a newly developing community driven initiative, particularly from a Governance point of view.

Nicholas Kimolo

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Nicholas is a graduate of the University of Nairobi with a BSc (Computer Science) degree. I am also certified as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) of Kenya and a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA). I am actively involved with Free and Open Source Software development and I helped to start FLOSS4Edu, a group that seeks to develop Free and Open Content for African Schools.

Wayne Mackintosh

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Wayne Mackintosh is Education Specialist, eLearning and ICT Policy at the Commonwealth of Learning and founder of the WikiEducator project. He is a member of the Advisory Board of the Wikimedia Foundation and is a committed advocate of free software, free content for education, and learning for development.

Dorcas Muthoni

Flag of Kenya-s.png Dorcas is co-founder of LinuxChix Africa and is concerned about the lack of awareness of FLOSS, particularly among African women [1]. Dorcas is very close to the WikiEducator project and was involved as a trainer at the FLOSS4Edu foundation workshop in Nairobi. Dorcas says that WikiEducator "is a fantastic idea and I will always support it".

Erik Moeller

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Erik Möller provides hosting and technical support for WikiEducator. He is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation and the CTO of Stichting Open Progress, a non-profit which plans and implements free/open source and free/open knowledge projects. Together with Benjamin Mako Hill, Erik co-authored the Definition of Free Cultural Works.

Brent Simpson

Flag of new zealand-s.jpg Brent Simpson is a technologist / developer for the eXe project. He is also the technical advisor of CITE, a non-profit organisation providing technical support, development, and consultancy around the use of Open Source software for education.

Savithri Singh

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Savithri Singh is the Principal at Acharya Narendra Dev College, an Undergraduate college of the University of Delhi. She has been involved with curriculum and syllabus development at the school and University levels and has developed materials for School Science at both primary and Senior levels. She is now developing elearning content at school and college levels. She has been using the Wikieducator for collaborative development of materials in a projectinvolving IGNOU, INBAR, COL, CIBART and ANDC and believes in free access to educational content.

My campaign page for first WE council elections [2]