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Phase 1 – Converting the eLearning guide into wiki format - target date: 12 August 2006

The first phase requires the conversion of the original text of the print version into wiki format in WikiEducator. We recommend the following steps:

  1. Enter your name and affiliation next to the Chapter you plan to convert on this wiki (see below). This will avoid duplication of work. Make sure that you're not working on the conversion of a chapter that someone else has opted to convert.
  2. Please register on the Discussion forum with a brief note about yourself and why you have decided to help with this open conversion project. You might have ideas about how this content could be used in your own situation or may have an interest in collaborating on free content projects. We are an open community and it's important for us to get to know each other a little better. So we look forward to reading your posts on the forum.
  3. Have a look at Chapter 1 that has already been converted. Pay particular attention to the instances when new pages are created and the templates that are used for "reflections" and "tell us a story".
  4. Read through the instructions on how to do this. This will make life easier and limit the effort required to ensure consistency among the different chapters.

Note that the the Creative Commons license for the e-Learning guide only applies to the wiki version and its derivative products. Consequently you may not reproduce or distrubute printed versions from the source files that are used for the purposes of the conversion. A technical absurdity, but this is the nature of copyright and licenses. In assisting with the conversion of this text into Wikieducator (which will carry a Creative Commons license).

Volunteers for creating a wiki version of the eLearning Guide

Please enter your name against a chapter if you can finish the task by 12 August 2006. We also invite names to assist with tyding up wiki formatting (if required)

  • Frontmatter - Wayne Mackintosh, Commonwealth of Learning. Status: Complete.
  • Chapter 1 - Wayne Mackintosh, Commonwealth of learning. Status: Complete.
  • Chapter 2 - Brent Simpson, Auckland University of Technology. Status: Complete.
  • Chapter 3 - Nicholas Kimolo, eLearnIT - Kenya. Status: In progress.
  • Chapter 4 - Mogana Dhamotharan, Mike Moroney and Zahari Hamidon. Brunei. Status: In progress
  • Chapter 5 - David Leeming and team, Solomon Islands People First Network. Status: In progress
  • Chapter 6 - Jibril TOUZI, IS Manager - Cameroon. Status: Not started.
  • Chapter 7 - <Lystra Sampson-Ovid and team, Distance Education Unit, MOE, Trinidad and Tobago> Status: Not started
  • Chapter 8 - <Bronwyn Hegarty, Otago Polytechnic> Status: In progress
  • References - Jibril TOUZI, IS Manager - Cameroon. Status: In progress
  • Wiki Formatting - Wayne Mackintosh, <add your name here>

Phase 2: Refinements and adding reflections and personal stories to the text. Target Date: 30 August 2006

This is an advantage to capitalise on the benefits of collaborative authoring. During this phase the community can refine and modify the text as well as add personal "tell us a story" narative to add value to the source text. This is also an opportunity to update the text prior to converting the guide in eXe for delivery in your local LMS.

If you plan to make a submission during this phase, please add your name below:

  • Wayne Mackintosh, Commonwealth of Learning.
  • <Enter your name here>

Phase 3: Converting the wiki guide into IMS/SCORM packages. Target Date: 15 September

This is also essentially a cut and paste activity, however participants may wish to add enhancements and customisations to improve the learning experience of the content for delivery in your local LMS. You can view a completed example of this phase.

If you're interested in helping us convert the wiki text on Wikieducator into an IMS/SCORM package using eXe, please list your name below:

  • Wayne Mackintosh, Commonwealth of Learning.
  • Brent Simpson, eXe Project, Auckland University of Technology.
  • <Enter your name and contact particulars here>

Phase 4: Piloting the delivery of the course at your own institution

We are aiming to run a few pilot offerings of this course material. In the event that you don't have a local LMS which you can use, the Commonwealth of Learning will provide access to a LMS for this purpose. If you are interested in leading a pilot delivery of this course at your own institution, please list your name here:

  • Enter your name, institution and contact particulars here.

Lystra Sampson-Ovid, Distance Education Unit, Ministry of Education, Trinidad and Tobago

Savithri Singh, Principal, ELearning and ODL Project Coordinator, Acharya Narendra Dev College, University of Delhi, Delhi 110019, India

Dr.M.U.Paily, Reader in Education, Regional Institute of Education(NCERT), Bhopal,INDIA LMS-Moodle at Virtual Center for Educational Innovation CMS Joomla at Virtual Center for Technology in Education