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Online assessment tools

With the growth of online education, there is naturally growing interest in online assessment tools. A quick search on the Internet will reveal a great deal of information. (see for instance: E-learning assessment at Academy Internet; Online assessment tools at Swinburne TAFE; Brainchild Online Assessment Tools; Articulate Quizmaker).

Moreover, most prominent learning management systems, such as Blackboard and WebCT come with built-in assessment tools which allow the development of questions and surveys with multiple choice type as well as open-ended responses. These are useful in online education as they enable frequent testing and provision of feedback. However, they remain somewhat unsuited for assessing more complex learning activities such as group work and project work.

Threats to online assessment practices

With online education comes increasing problems with security and the authenticity of work that is submitted by students as part of their assessment requirements. As a result there has been growing concerns about the improper use of material from the Internet (see

In order to combat misuse of material from the Internet, software programs such as “Turnitin” ([1]) have been developed. This software can be integrated and used with major learning management systems such as Blackboard and WebCT.