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What's that bug?

If you have a challenging aquatic invertebrate and would like some ID help, please upload a photograph and we'll see what we can do. Follow the instructions:

  • Sign up for a free Wikieducator account.
  • Use the "upload file" feature to donate a photograph of your invertebrate to the site. You will be prompted to fill in License agreement. If for any reason you are uncomfortable freely sharing the photograph, then don't upload it.
  • Give your uploaded photograph a file name.
  • Copy the file name
  • Edit this page and provide a link in this format:

''[[File:Digestive_system_diagram_en.svg|200px]]'' replacing Digestive_system_diagram_en.svg with your file name.

  • You can then email dmccabe@smcvt.edu so that he knows to look here.
  • You can also share the link with other biologists to facilitate identification