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To add a new stream to the Streams Project on Wiki Educator, just follow the instructions below. If you chose an existing name, a prior user may revert your work. If your stream has an identical name to an existing stream site, consider adding "river/", "stream/", or the name of your school before the stream name.

Sign up for a free Wikieducator account

Click for detailed instruction for account creation

Choosing a name

Verify that the name is not already in use by typing it in here and hitting 'search':
If your selected name is in use, come up with a new title.

Making your stream page

Choose this button once you have verified that your site name is unique (see above). Keep in mind that categories automatically loaded by this or the previous button can be changed or removed.

Deleting pages

Administrators can delete pages. If a page you created is no longer needed, simply add this text: {{Delete}} anywhere on the page along with a reason for deletion, save your edit, and an administrator can later delete it.