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2011 Warrington School Teacher Goals:


  1. To share and implement current educational philosophy into the school
    • Elwyn Richardson - In The Early World
    • Richard Watson - Future Minds
    • Sugata Mitra - Minimally Invasive Education
  2. To learn how to apply information gathered from student writing assessment using Open Education principles
    • To better inform changes required in teaching practice
    • To assist in informing students, parents and Board
  3. To learn and coach a new sport Ki-o-Rahi to the senior school
    • To share croquet rules and techniques
  4. To review staff job descriptions, appraisal process and their connection to;
    • This wiki
    • New requirements
    • Using Teacher Council and NZEI resources
  5. Overview the review of EOTC requirements
    • Adjust wiki accordingly
  6. Be involved with the Dunedin Digital Strategy
  7. Promote BBFM as the World First Creative Commons radio station
    • Run by students for their community
  8. Blueskin Bay Library involvement
  9. Promote Open Source computing and digital independence to the local and wider community
  10. Creating "sustainable" Open Education Systems on the wiki
  11. Collaborating with other educators as required
  12. Redevelopment of the school - liaising with property manager, contractors and pd gangs
    • Boggle area and gardens reshaped with student input


  1. To research interesting, fun and interactive methods of teaching deeper features of writing and implement these into class programme
  2. To focus on raising levels of deeper features in writing.
  3. To be aware of individual learning styles within the class and use teaching methods that cater for these over the year
  4. To present and verbalize learning intentions to students for units of work
  5. To provide opportunities for informative and fun physical activity most days
  6. To learn how to play Touch Rugby and play this with the students
  7. To ensure fair, firm and consistent behaviour boundaries are in place and followed.

Management unit Goals


  1. To clearly explain learning intentions to students/individuals prior to lesson/units of work.  Therefore, students will have a clear understanding of expectations.
  2. implement new fun physical games during P.E lessons
  3. Through professional development, I intend to research proven strategies for stimulating and engaging students during writing time, looking at surface features.
  4. To better utilize my preparation time after school for next days teaching.
  5. Implement a safe, useable system for bus useage.


Adapt my teaching approach accordingly, ensuring I cater for all learning styles within the class

Utilize the local environment and community to reinforce and enhance learning

Improve time management to ensure full coverage is made each day

Implement writing groups to raise achievement with surface and deeper features

Clearly verbalize learning intentions and expectations to ensure fairness and avoid confusion

Introduce a new fitness game each week to keep children stimulated, fit and healthy

Tailor programme, ensuring the needs of a multilevel classroom are met.