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Warrington Well-being Way - Warrington Point

Term 3 MrP Topics

Rugby World Cup, haka, harakeke, electronics, construction sets, computer science, creating OERs,
clean bodies, plays, Warpington, collaboration, bird survey/feeders, dog safety, BBOSI-PNG, Blueskin Flower Show, Rekohu - Moriori,
own goals, cross-country, BBFM, films, Fair Trade Cafe, DISCO, pruning, composting, singing

Recording our learning

  • Blogs, digital documents or logs

Choosing topics and planning

  • A few topics at a time
    • On own, with a friend or in a group
      • Practical, hands on or digital
        • Planned - dated
          • Monday/Tuesday/Thursday


  • Explanation on one of this term's topics
  • Share ideas and information clearly, coherently and logically in writing
    • Proof read, edit and self correct a written explanation with growing skilfulness
      • Digital or hand-written
  • View and share report exemplars - Level 1Level 2 Level 3Level 4
    • Investigate features, create instructions and criteria here - Writing - Explanation Criteria
      • Write report - self evaluation and teacher feedback
        • Blog or document
  • Write comments on other student's blogs
Warrington Well-being Way - Matariki Rakau

Visual language - moving or still images

  • Develop skills of effectively arranging, presenting and displaying visual and written information in a variety of formats


  • About topics - Internet/books on own or in group
    • For pleasure - Internet/books on own or in group
      • At school at home
  • School journals Pt2 No2 2010, Pt3 No3 2010 Pt4 No3 2010
    • Read and write questions
      • Pt2 acting out the play

Technology - Bright Sparks - construction sets - working model making

  • Understand and utilise processes of design, constructing and testing of electrical technology on moving models
    • Replicate on Sugar Physics
  • Using hands on experience, design/plan, construct and evaluate solutions to a variety of practical needs
    • Work with others to create a moving model
      • Log your involvement - notebook, wiki, blog, document, pictures, photos, videos
  • Design, construct and test - bird feeder and recipes

Maths - Statistics, Target and Dragon

  • Work on set examples from book, work sheet or whiteboard
    • Complete examples and for homework
      • Create a statistical investigation

Art - Harakeke/Clay

  • Recognise and appreciate the art of various cultures.
    • Make a harakeke flower for the Blueskin Bay Flower Show
      • Create a piece of pottery that demonstrates a tikanga Maori theme


  • Know about our own bodies and how to care for them - Keeping Clean Unit - video and share as a class
  • Develop positive attitudes and regularly take part in activities that help achieve and sustain personal physical fitness - Cross Country/Orienteering training
  • Participate in a wide range of sporting opportunities, including team and solo sports - Rugby World Cup discussions, Cross-Country/Orienteering participation
Warrington Well-Being Way - Pony Club

Computer Science - BBOSI

  • Learn widely applicable computing techniques that they can put to use

Maori - create an Open Education Resource

  • Develop an awareness and knowledge of Maori culture, through history, legends, art forms, music, games, and protocols
    • Explain and share an aspect of Maori culture as a poster, booklet, web page, dance, Haka, waiata
      • Use own words in English and Maori
        • Pictures, photographs, objects - artefacts

Own goal

  • Describe what is intended to learn, amount of time and finish date
    • Log your involvement - notebook, wiki, blog, document
      • Parent approval required

Solo, pair, group learning

  • Interacting effectively with a range of people in a variety of contexts - negotiate and share
  • Relate well to others - different roles in different situations, words and actions affect others
    • By completing tasks on own, with a friend and in a group

Key Competency - Managing self

  • Self-motivation, a “can-do” attitude, becoming capable learners, able self-assess
    • Know when to lead, to follow, when and how to act independently
      • Planning together, collaborating and free to learn

Term 3 MsM Topics

Rugby World Cup, dance, collaboration, Blueskin Flower Show, cross-country, BBFM, DISCO



Weeks 1-5: Multiplication and Division; Basic Facts and Number Knowlegde - forward and backward sequences

Weeks 6-9: Place Value; Fractions, Decimals and percentages

Week 10: Problem Solving

English Unit:

Produce over Term 3 and 4 own 'school journal'

  • Reading: reading log, GSR with journal writing, activity emphasis on 'character' - descriptions, development, perspective of writing (eye of God, I, etc).Investigate "speech" and how it is used effectively.
  • Writing: two stories - one to show character description; articles - one about an aspect of the RWC; two poems- one in free verse. How to use speech marks, how to use speech appropriately and effectively in stories.
  • Presenting: publishing above into 'school journal' format. Design front and back cover.
  • Speaking: Choose a story from a school journal, or one you have written yourself. Make into a picture book and read/ present to Junior class.

Grammar, Spelling, Comprehension, Handwriting(for those who need it)

Social Sciences

Rugby World Cup - Activity booklet

  • Questions, research and present information about one country that is participating in the Rugby World Cup.
  • With this country,investigate one way in which it produces electricity and present PM chart


'Year 5-6:'Materials

  • making lunch wrap with cloth and plastic: using sewing machine, environmental implications
  • using scrap cloth to make rug or cushion. Investigate methods (eg plaiting and sewing, weaving, knotting, patchwork), choose and make
  • look at the differents rates of absorption and drying rates of various cloth (link to science, maths-data collection and graphing). investigate links to uses of cloth in relation to information found


  • fitness-long distance running (cross country training)
  • Dance: Jump Jam; Into small groups with Yr 7 and 8 as leaders to find music, investigate dance moves, make dance that goes with music, be able to teach to class (and other classes) as dance/exercise routine. Opportunity to perform at end of term disco.

Mrs Russell's Planning

Theme - Rugby World Cup 2011

Social Sciences - Level One

Using The Rugby World Cup 2011 Booklet

Research project:

  1. Year 2 and 3 students will research one of the 20 countries competing in the 2011 Rugby World Cup.
  2. Plan and present their information onto a A3 size paper and share this with the whole class.

Health and Physical Education - Level One

Movement Conceptsand motor Skills:

Positive attitudes; Challenges and social and cultural factors

  • Participate in a range of games and activities and identify the factors that make participation safe and enjoyable.

English - Level One and Two


Week 1 - 4    Addition and Subtraction, basic facts, number knowledge and place value

Week 5 - 8   Multiplication and Division, basic facts.

Week 9 - 10 Basic facts and fractions.