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October 2010


  • To ensure that the school’s buildings, facilities and equipment provide a safe, well maintained, pleasant and healthy earning, working and recreational environment for children, staff and visitors.


  • Comply with the conditions of the 10 year maintenance and property plans.
  • Prepare and implement an annual plan of property maintenance and development with estimated costs.
  • The board member in charge of property reports monthly to the board.
  • Grounds, buildings, furnishings and equipment are in a clean, safe, tidy, workable condition.
  • The storage and use of dangerous chemicals and equipment will follow safe practices.
  • A accident register will be kept and this will be reviewed as part of the twice yearly property check.
  • All specialist repairs will be carried out by a qualified person.
  • A formal review of equipment, buildings and the grounds will be carried out in twice a year - placed on calendar.
  • Teachers estimate the equipment needs of their area and present these to the principal for inclusion in the annual budget.
  • Teachers ensure all property which is registered as under their control is where it should be and in good working order. Any missing, surplus or obsolete equipment is reported to the principal.
  • The staff regularly checks the safety of indoor and outdoor equipment and reports any potential hazards to the principal, who will inform the board.


  1. This policy will be reviewed according to the Board’s self review timetable.
  2. All changes can be tracked via this wiki history tab.


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