Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Policy

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  • To use ICT confidently and creatively to help develop the skills and knowledge needed to achieve personal goals and to be full participants in the global community.
  • To create a learning culture that keeps pace with changes and equips all with the knowledge, skills, ideas and values they need to become lifelong learners able to use information effectively; adapt to changing workplace and social environments; and keep abreast of technological advances.


  1. Show confidence and skill in using available ICT for everyday and special purposes e.g. computer, digital camera, mobile phone, and photocopier
  2. Learn widely applicable techniques that they can put to use with various technologies
  3. Enjoy and participate in a range of technological experiences
  4. Recognise the uses of ICT in the world around them and know about the impact of ICT on people’s lives
  5. Investigate ICT and evaluate its suitability for particular purposes by using problem solving strategies
  6. Integrate ICT into their whole learning process
  7. Learn FOSS systems - digital independence and understanding of Open Source licensing

Guidelines for Warrington School cybersafety practices

  1. The school’s cybersafety practices are to be based on information contained on the NetSafe site


  1. This policy will be reviewed according to the Board’s self review timetable.
  2. All changes can be tracked via this wiki history tab. 


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