Resolving Concerns and Compliants Policy

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NAG 2 and 5 New Zealand Schools OER Portal/Governance

August 2010

Under Review


  • To promote harmonious relationships
  • To deal with concerns, complaints and disputes in a positive and open manner
  • To address issues raised using protocols that allow for the process of natural justice



  • Warrington School to be effective in its operations needs to have open processes that models positive relationships
  • Warrington School should assist in mediating issues that arise in a manner which promotes a positive outcome for all concerned

Three Stages of Referral

Stage 1 Teacher : Initial contact is to be with the teacher concerned. This should take place at an informal level through a two-way discussion. Every effort should be made to resolve the problem at this stage. Teachers are to keep the Principal informed of all parent concerns and complaints.
Stage 2 Principal : If the problem has not been resolved within an agreed time frame, the matter is to be referred to the Principal.
Stage 3 Board of Trustees : If the problem is still not resolved after referral to the Principal, the matter is formally referred in writing to the Board of Trustees.
When resolution is not achieved at an informal level, the four-step problem solving method is adopted at every point of reference (teacher - principal - board):
  1. There is discussion between the parties concerned, to describe and reach agreement on the nature of the problem.
  2. The actions needed to address the problem are agreed upon, those responsible for taking actions are identified, and time-frame is set for the action. A date is agreed for all concerned to jointly review the effectiveness of the actions, and to decide on any necessary follow-on actions.
  3. The problem-solving actions are put in place by those responsible.
  4. All concerned meet to review the effectiveness of the actions.
NB A written record is kept in summary form for problems that cannot be resolved at the informal level. The record describes the problem, the actions to be taken, and the review outcomes.
If the complaint is against the Principal then the referral will need to be directed to the Board Chairperson, then Board of Trustees.

External services for helping with issues

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  1. This policy will be reviewed according to the Board’s self review timetable.
  2. All changes can be tracked via this wiki history tab. 

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