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Appointments Policy

August 2005


  • That the Board of Trustees of Warrington School attract and appoint the best staff possible to ensure quality of learning and a supportive student environment at Warrington School.
  • In accordance with our statutory requirements and following STA guidelines new teacher appointments will be registered to ensure that the quality of education at the school is maintained or improved.
  • The Board of Trustees, through its Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Officer, will ensure no discriminatory practices occur during the appointment process.
  • The Board will recognise the value of maintaining a diverse group of staff at Warrington School.


  1. The Board may choose to form an appointments committee to deal with various appointment procedures leading up to the selection of an appointee.
  2. The EEO Officer will critically evaluate all steps of the appointment process to ensure compliance with the EEO policy and all related legislation.
  3. The Board or committee will draft an informative advertisement briefly describing the position and requesting a C.V., covering letter, references and a completed application form. The Board or committee will advertise widely to attract the best applicants possible.
  4. All applicants will be requested to supply EEO data on a confidential basis. This data will be used by the EEO officer, only when assessing compliance with EEO policy.
  5. The Board or committee will ensure that there is a job description and person specification prepared and selection criteria available prior to short listing.
  6. The Board or committee will assess all applicants fairly on the basis of factors such as:
    1. Qualifications
    2. Previous experience
    3. Expertise
    4. Aptitude
    5. And other qualities or criteria the Board or committee deems important for the position advertised.
    6. All criteria should be discussed, recorded and filed.
  7. For all positions, there should be some level of staff representation on the panel. For the position of school principal the Board will represent the aspirations of the community. Another principal from the local area and an STA representative will be invited to participate. The incumbent principal cannot be directly involved in the appointment of a new principal.
  8. The Board or committee will interview a number of suitable applicants. Interviews should be conducted with a standard set of questions designed to elicit information on all criteria deemed important by the Board or committee.
  9. To aid in decision making after the interviews, the Board or committee will employ a points system whereby candidates are ranked based on the sum of points awarded for various criteria. Different weightings may be given to various factors.
  10. The Board or committee should contact referees of the short listed candidates. The head of the appointments committee will take responsibility for the telephone references and ensure that questions are formulated before seeking the information. A summary of the conversations will be written and presented to the committee for consideration.
  11. The Board or committee will make a final decision based on all the available information. Every attempt will be made to reach a unanimous decision.
  12. The selected candidate will be notified and given time to consider the offer of employment. Once an offer of employment has been accepted, all unsuccessful candidates will be immediately notified.
  13. The EEO officer will write a report describing the appointment process and outcomes commenting upon issues relevant to the school’s EEO policy.


  1. This policy will be reviewed according to the Board’s self review timetable.
  2. All changes can be tracked via this wiki history tab. 


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