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"The problem of aesthetics should now be one of education. The media is increasingly read-write and participative. Community media will no doubt change as more people become fluent in media making." - Dr Ellie Rennie, Community Media: A Global Introduction

The Waiheke Island Podcasting Project will assist individuals in the production of audio content that is by, for, and about Waiheke and the people who live there. This content will be made available online as podcasts and may also be broadcast on Waiheke Radio.

The Waiheke Island Podcasting Project will:

  • enable members of the Waiheke public to develop podcasting style content that may be broadcast and made freely available on the internet;
  • produce podcasts of between 5 and 30 minutes that may form part of the regular programming of Waiheke Radio
  • create a supportive environment to provide continued help, assistance and guidance for people in the community to contribute to the digital audio heritage of the island

The first set of hands-on workshops were held from March 4th - April 1st at the Waiheke Adult Education Centre.

The project has a website that can be found here:

Course Outline

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

  • Podcast content and production - putting together an intro, content and outro to complete a podcast
  • Exporting your podcast

Day 5

  • Questions and review from last week
  • Editing ID3 Tags
  • Setting up an account on a podcast hosting site
  • Uploading a podcast
  • Sharing content produced by course participants - Course content can be listened to or downloaded from
  • Options for future production of podcasts


General Podcasting


Recording and Microphone Use

Free Music and Sound clips

  • ccMixter - ccMixter is a community music site featuring remixes licensed under Creative Commons where you can listen to, sample, mash-up, or interact with music in whatever way you want.
  • Jamendo - Jamendo is the world's #1 platform for free and legal music downloads. Available in seven languages, it offers the largest Creative Commons-licensed music catalog there is.
  • Freesound - Freesound: collaborative database of creative-commons licensed sound for musicians and sound lovers.

Listening and Subscribing to Podcasts

  • Juice - Juice Receiver is an open source media aggregator which automatically downloads podcasts and media files to your computer or portable device.
  • iTunes - a popular free proprietary media player that can aggregate and download podcast, many of which are available through the associated itunes store.
  • Songbird - an open source music player that can subscribe to podcasts

Hosting podcasts

  • Odeo
  • Podomatic
  • Podcast Alley - an American podcast hosting service. Many podcast on wide variety of subjects. Free hosting.
  • The Internet Archive - founded to build an Internet library, with the purpose of offering permanent access for researchers, historians, and scholars to historical collections that exist in digital format.
  • Gcast

Specific Examples

  • 3 Wine Guys - Podcasts about wine
  • SmallBizPod - inspiration for entrepeneurs
  • Western Southland - podcasts about the Western Southland region of New Zealand.
  • Waiheke Radio - Podcasts from Waiheke Radio. Many of these are originally broadcast as radio programmes.

Trouble Shooting - Resources relating to question or issues that come up during the course